Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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central park west new york ny united states. Central Park NY by mas90guru
  • Central Park NY by mas90guru

  • r1ch4rd
    Apr 10, 08:45 AM
    Dammit, I fell at the last hurdle. I get 288 but then clicked 2 by mistake!

    Should be split 50/50 but I have skewed it a little.

    As many others have said, I followed BODMAS


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  • NY Guitarist
    Apr 21, 03:36 PM
    The rack mount format is just for that: to mount in a standard 19" rack, along with other equipment and even a rack-mount UPS. That's not the realm of a Mac Pro. It's the realm of servers. I like the current, and brilliant, case design very much. It's an example of form follows function and great industrial design.

    I know many professional situations where a Mac Pro would be ideal as a rack mountable unit.

    Recording studio, on location video production (DIT), and studio based post-production rigs, basically places where other equipment is racked, may need to be secured, cooled, power conditioned, or in mobile racks. Rack mounting in not only for servers.

    Having said that, I love the current Mac Pro towers, brilliant industrial design both inside and outside, unlike the G5 Quad 2.5.

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  • DeanSolecki
    Mar 26, 10:06 PM
    I feel like the iPhone 5 coasting in on iOS 4.x would imply a smaller upgrade. Otherwise a mega update to .x that could just as well be called iOS 5. (which seems less likely) Or this rumor is bunk.

    I'm under contract anyway, so what do I care. ;)

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  • CENTRAL PARK, New York

  • Number 41
    Apr 20, 07:17 AM
    No LTE/4G = No sale
    No Antenna Redesign = No sale
    No use of quality build materials (read: not glass) = No sale

    Sorry, Apple -- I'm not going to sign a 2 year service agreement to buy a phone that has reception issues, is made of a shatter-prone material, and cannot access high-speed data.

    There's no point to this update, just like there was no point to the 3GS update. In this case, it's arguably worse because -- given the rollout of 4G/LTE currently ongoing and the publicity surounding the poor antenna of the iP4 -- it's fairly safe to assume that the next iPhone will address at least 2 of the above issues.

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  • seek3r
    Apr 22, 01:22 AM
    It is trivial, in say my case, to SSH into a "workstation" type Mac Pro, say "Noble Mac Pro, run this really computational intensive code, I'll check back in a bit" and then SSH the output back to another machine when it's done. No muss, no fuss.

    Now imagine you have bunches of workstations...

    In my end of things we usually call that a cluster :-p

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 20, 08:10 AM
    Damn it. That means I'll always have to upgrade my iPhone every September. So, I'll buy the iPhone 5 this September, then I'll upgrade next September for the iPhone 6 with a 4inch screen and 4G :D; but, is there a limited time window in which you upgrade, because I don't want to lose out 2 months of texts / calls / internet (if I upgrade in July 2012).

    Well... the iPhone 6 will probably be our last iPhone anyway. :eek:

    The end of the world is coming in December 2012 remember? :p

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  • reiggin
    May 6, 12:21 AM
    This is the most ridiculous thing to appear on the MacRumors front page in quite some time.

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  • Central Park is one of the

  • dhunt
    Aug 11, 06:20 PM
    I'm guessing they will be available the 17th. (that's when the major in mac promo ends) a.k.a. get people to buy our old macs by throwing a free nano at them so we can ship our new ones!

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  • carlos700
    Aug 2, 06:16 PM
    I do not expect MacBook Pros because Intel Core 2 Duo for notebooks has not been announced yet.

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  • antster94
    Apr 20, 03:36 AM
    If there's no screen size increase, and a MAJOR overhaul of iOS, then HTC Sensation here I come :)

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  • Saladinos
    Apr 26, 02:45 PM
    Apple needs to respond. I would prefer them to do it with an iOS overhaul and some diversification of their product line. Apple won't sacrifice margins significantly, so to expand market share they should appeal to more people and step up advertising on the cheaper previous-gen models.

    Apple will still rule the tablet space though.

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  • iSee
    Mar 28, 10:26 AM
    I don't necessarily believe this rumor, but I'm OK with Apple breaking with the yearly update cycle. That's not necessarily the way to come out with the best phone because some types of changes might not match a June/July release (for a variety of reasons).

    My 3GS is due to be replaced in the summer, but I'd rather have a big improvement over iPhone 4 in January or whatever, than iPhone "4.5" in July.

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  • l008com
    Jul 29, 09:09 PM
    If apple could get one of the phone carriers to go with the free song plan, maybe one of the smaller ones like Alltel, they could single handedly turn Alltel into a major player. Alltel and Apple would both win. And it probably wouldn't be long before the crappy carriers decided to carry the "ipod phone" with free song loading anyway.

    I'm a big fan of the Motorola E815. Best for just talking, and great for doing more. Of course verizon disables most of the great features so you can pay verizon $5 a month for the same abilities the phone was already capable of.

    Alternately, Apple could do something really big like buy one of the companies like Alltel, or create some sort of major partnership where Apple has a say in the service, not just selling the phones. Apple could be the provider, and your phone could come with free (minus airtime) Safari Jr for web browsing any time :-) That would be fricken sweet.

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  • asdf542
    Mar 30, 05:59 PM
    Enjoy your brand new 129$ Mac OS X latest revision (the most advanced, the most unique, the most... bla bla bla bla...) carrying more than XXX features (aka... just making the Mac OS X experience more iOS-alike so you get used to AppStore since soon you'll have to go through this method of delivery as there won't be any other one, because Mr. Jobs wants more money...)
    Yep... I think that 129$ sounds quite ok, for nothing :D

    Though I'm not surprise... there's nothing shocking that they can implement. This "update" is aimed at training people into AppStore (aka money)... and they even charge for it :D

    I lol'd. No matter what people will complain. When Snow Leopard was released people wanted more UI changes and more features. Now when Lion is released all people want is under the hood improvements. SMH

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  • carrako
    Mar 30, 08:26 PM
    Hate the new iCal look. ughh... Come on Apple, very amateur.

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  • New York, NY 10128 USA

  • Furrybeagle
    Apr 24, 06:34 PM
    I�m interested in what Apple will do with the 15� MBP. If Apple doubled the resolution of the 1440x900 display, then going from a 1680x1050 MBP to this new 2880x1800 MBP means an increase in DPI but a decrease in viewable information.

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  • mcrain
    Apr 15, 10:07 AM
    So, the United States should start a football program?? ;)

    How about a bank. There are several proposals for State owned banks, similar to N. Dakota.

    See for example this discussion: Link to HuffPo (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ellen-brown/the-growing-movement-for_b_504846.html) or if you don't like that source, here is another. WebofDebt (http://www.webofdebt.com/articles/growing_movement.php)

    (edit) I heard a radio discussion about this, and the guest said that California could eliminate its deficit by handling only 20% of the mortgages in California.

    central park west new york ny united states. NEW YORK, NY 10023
  • NEW YORK, NY 10023

  • Val-kyrie
    Jul 22, 08:12 PM
    Maybe I'm out in right field with this suggestion, but how about a further separation between the black Macbook and the white, other than color?

    Macbooks (white) - Yonah and integrated graphics (960?)
    Macbook (black) - Merom and the new integrated graphics (965???)

    That would certainly justify the black's higher cost and would give it more of a punch to be that PB 12" replacement.

    Or preferably a MB with a discrete gfx option.

    central park west new york ny united states. Central Park, Fifth Avenue
  • Central Park, Fifth Avenue

  • BC2009
    Apr 26, 03:04 PM
    There are phone models that run some variant of Android from ultra-cheap to ultra-high-end. That clearly makes Android-based phones applicable to a wider audience. But what's more is that some manufacturers have developed their own operating systems based on Android source code without the Google services -- basically using Google's code as their own jumpstart. All these phones are counted as "Android" -- the sheer size of the umbrella that is known as "Android" clearly makes this the new defacto standard for any manufacturer other than Apple, Nokia or HP.

    The problem with these statistics is that they make the assumption that there is an "Android Experience" and an "iOS Experience" -- this is hardly the case since the Android experience is varied, and Google does not benefit from every Android device sale, where Apple does benefit from every iOS device sale.

    Certainly, one can cite the fact that every manufacturer puts their own spin on "Android" and they run a specific version with a specific UI overlay and they have a specific set of supported resolutions with a specific set of apps that will work for that device (hardly the Microsoft Windows scenario of the 1990s). These manufacturers will likely be falling in line with Google's new rules with regards to timely access to the latest Android version and will continue to produce good and better phones with less-varied experiences.

    But looking further than that, Android (pre-Honeycomb) is open source and many have taken the opportunity to force Google completely out of the Android equation.

    Apr 5, 04:21 PM
    Nope Apple is the ruler of all.

    The master of the universe and the company that knows better than you do.

    Just notice how they act.

    What they censor and how hypocritical they are.

    Only Uncle Steve can give you permission and he's never going to do that.

    He's GOD according to many fanboys here...

    All Hail Apple! (no special symbols needed). :) ha ha ha ha ha

    You could just stop buying their stuff...I hear Windows phones need some friends.

    Apr 18, 04:46 PM
    What's the difference? Number of icons?

    lol I take it you DO think they look very similar. I see that they both use icons in a grid format. So tell me, what exactly are you suggesting would give LG the grounds for any kind of lawsuit? Or is it just the icons and grid (the rest of which has been done with phone interfaces before)?

    And if you still think LG would theoretically have a case, refer to babbit's post:

    The iPhone 1 was announced before the Prada phone. Patent dates showed iPhone implementation of a capacitive touchscreen phone at least a year before LG showed their Prada phone in 2006. The Prada shipped in small shipments before the iPhone, so that is their only claim that it was technically released before the iPhone even though real shipments occurred months later. Technically, if Apple wanted to, they could have sued LG.

    Also, the Prada isn't a smartphone. It can't load apps. It doesn't even have a qwerty keyboard. You input text through the phone dialer like old school SMS.

    Apr 7, 10:44 AM
    I don't believe this report. How hard could it be for RIM to acquire the 100,000 screens they can expect to sell? This is just an excuse for the delay for them to work out the software bugs. Sure Apple has a lot of factories going day and night to produce iPads. But the early reports were only in the 60% of manufacturing capacity. Maybe it is more, but it isn't like RIM needs to make one million of these devices a month. Seriously, 100,000 will be plenty for the first month of U.S. sales. Maybe if enterprises really get on board, then sales will ramp up. But businesses are going to run three months of tests before they role out the big blackberries for the staff.

    Aug 5, 09:24 AM
    I am really interested to see what this iPhone is all about. And of course Leopard.

    Aug 4, 06:46 PM
    Don't look now but the current Intel iMac has a laptop/SFF chip and chipset in it it. :eek:

    :O *faints*

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