Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • dba7dba
    Apr 18, 04:53 PM
    First off the Prada was officially announced by LG on January 18, 2007. The iPhone was announced by Apple on january 9, 2007. The last time that I checked, January 9th came before January 18th. THAT makes the iPhone first, sorry.

    Secondly the All of the other copy cats look a ton more like the iPhone than the iPhone looks like the Prada or anything else for that matter.

    As far as whether the iPhone and iPad are innovative, I respectfully disagree with you.


    From wiki

    LG Electronics has claimed the iPhone's design was copied from the LG Prada. Woo-Young Kwak, head of LG Mobile Handset R&D Center, said at a press conference, �We consider that Apple copied the Prada phone after the design was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the prize in September 2006.�[9][10]
    LG later claimed that Apple stole both the ideas and concept of the Prada phone. A lawsuit by LG had been rumored prior to this announcement; [9] however, LG has remained silent on whether or not they will file a lawsuit.

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  • j26
    Jul 21, 02:54 PM
    And not to plot my "But I really need a new computer, darling" onslaught.

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  • GulGnu
    Mar 30, 06:08 AM
    Secondly, the term "3rd world" and "1st world" is offensive.

    Why? It�s just a reference to the battleground / spectator status of the decolonized countries during the cold war. (The "second world" being the now-defunct Soviet Bloc.)

    From the almighty Wikipedia:

    "French demographer, anthropologist and historian Alfred Sauvy, in an article published in the French magazine L'Observateur, August 14, 1952, coined the term Third World, referring to countries that were unaligned with either the Communist Soviet bloc or the Capitalist NATO bloc during the Cold War. His usage was a reference to the Third Estate, the commoners of France who, before and during the French Revolution, opposed priests and nobles, who composed the First Estate and Second Estate, respectively. "

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    May 4, 05:03 PM
    I would rather have a disc or flash drive.

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  • carlos700
    Aug 2, 08:01 PM
    It was introduced last Thursday along with the Core 2 Duo for desktop (Merom, Conroe, and Woodcrest).

    I believe someone quote an Intel official saying consumors should see Core 2 Duo Mobile computers by late August.

    My [selfish?] logic:
    Aug 7 + shipping in two weeks = late August

    I just do not see any mention of it on Intel's site. Desktop Core 2 Duos were announced 27 July.

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  • EricNau
    Nov 26, 10:37 AM
    Looks like that 8 pound, 10" iPod might be true after all. :D

    Seriously though, I'm sure Apple has a tablet prototype, but I'm doubtful that they'll release one in 2007.

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  • Jbrumz85
    Apr 20, 12:38 AM
    Why do we still call it iPhone 5? Everything points to iPhone 4S.

    Probably because it's the 5th iPhone?

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  • corywoolf
    Aug 4, 01:22 AM
    Not really any new news, but the September date bummed me out.

    I knew it would be another month or so, but I am so anxious to get a new laptop, the thought of waiting another 4-6 weeks (at best) is a bummer.

    I just hope Apple doesn't wait until Paris Expo to announce it. Then we're talking 2+ months.
    My money is on iMac and iPod nano updates in Paris, MacBook in November, the Long awaited Media Mac Mini at Macworld, new video iPod along with the launch of iTunes Video Store, as well as the long rumored new games for the iPod. Maybe a new iSight that is small enough to clip onto the iPod? Bah, I am getting way too carried away. Back to the point, since this is a pro targeted conference, it makes perfect sense for the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro to make appearances.

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  • cecildk9999
    Nov 22, 07:45 AM
    I wouldn't mind having Apple sell them (and I'm guessing they will to some degree), but we also have to think in terms of the market as is. If I can get a free phone through my provider every x years, I'm going to do that instead of buying outside the company (even if it is crap). If I can get an upgrade for between $50 and $300, I might consider it when I'm in the store renewing my plan. Apple can gain presence only by going through established channels; it's not to say that you won't be able to buy one in an Apple store, just that consumers who like to do comparison shopping when they get their phones might like to see an iPhone in a TMobile/Verizon/3rd party carrier store.

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 11, 12:56 PM
    Whats the Paris expo, Never heard of that before, are you sure it exists? :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Paris Apple Expo is headl every September in Paris France ( It is the largest European Apple Exposition like the January San Francisco MacWorld Expo is the largest in America.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 5, 07:13 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Who the hell at Toyota thought this was a good idea?? It was remarkably unprofessional of them to begin with.

    You don't establish business relationships by breaking the other's EULA. This is frankly, shocking from a company such as Toyota.

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  • Lord Bodak
    Mar 28, 11:40 AM
    My problem isn't necessarily with Apple, my grief is with carriers who have tied most of us in to 2 year fixed contracts. Whether this is due to Apple's insistence, or whether carriers have signed up to the 'yearly cycle' idea, there are thousands of us stuck in the middle here.

    Any 3GS user who bought new and has a 2 year contract (usually because it was the most economical) now has a huge dilemma. Do we switch phones and get new contracts on different phones, or do we go Pay As You Go to cover those 3/4 (potentially more) months?

    Two year contracts have existed since long before the iPhone and they don't seem to be going away anytime soon.

    However, you do realize that your plan doesn't vanish when your contract ends, don't you? You will still have the exact same service you have today for the same price, until you go sign a new contract and get a new phone.

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 10, 01:17 PM
    To get 2 requires you to make assumptions about the equation. If you make no assumptions and simply apply the rules then you get 288

    No matter what you do you have to make an assumption as to what "/" means. Nobody over the age of 10 should be using that notation for this exact reason.

    Therefore, assume that author wanted to use "_" but couldn't as this is a forum not suited to equation writing and work from there. I believe the logical conclusion is 288, but that is not the same as saying the answer is 288.

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  • UmaThurman
    Aug 7, 03:17 PM
    Ugh, I know people said this alot too, but I have to go to school next week without a laptop now. But oh well, it'll be worth it once they release them, hopefully in the paris expo. Do you think there'll be a huge diff b/w MBP and MB? I'll be using it just for everyday use, and if they both came out at the same time that'd be so sweet. I'd def go for the MB.

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  • soldatodipxao
    Sep 15, 10:20 PM
    This looks great... I've been reading macrumors for quite some time now... been planning for merom since summer... this will be my first apple experience... can't wait!

    I ordered a macbook pro for my sister on thursday (she wanted to take advantage of the ipod deal for students) and her shipment info says shipping on the 19th (maybe the REAL tuesday!) and arriving on the 25th (coincidence?). she ordered a custom 15' macbook pro. looks like a good sign to me!

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  • scottsjack
    Apr 21, 04:03 PM
    As an MP owner it of course sounds great to me. I really get sick hearing about iToys, some of which I own and love. If Apple would produce both the traditional Mac Pro and a rack mount version each configured to their specific duties that would be the best. As a mat screen user it's either Mac Pro, Mac mini or Windows for me. In spite of the fact that Windows 7 is pretty great to use I'd MUCH, MUCH rather stay with Mac.

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  • ghostface147
    Apr 5, 01:38 PM
    So uh what exactly would Toyota lose if they tell Apple to stick it? At best all I can guess are licenses to use use an iPod trademark or something similar to integrate into the car stereo, if they even have that option. I can't think of anything else.

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  • Tailpike1153
    Apr 21, 02:46 PM
    I hope they call it the MacServe :D

    :). I like the name. Alot better than iServe.

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  • teme
    Jul 21, 02:48 PM
    About MacBook... when Merom is released, Yonah's price will drop. That would help Apple to make a

    Jul 29, 09:43 PM
    what will become of the rockr?

    Apple Corps
    Jul 21, 02:20 PM
    I posted this very early on:

    Apr 15, 03:43 PM
    Was it an economist or someone who actually understands economics? :D :p

    There are people who actually understand economics?

    mcrain, FYI,
    Which "game"? *Are you "trading and investing" in companies by purchasing shares in IPOs, or are you "trading and investing" on Wall St.? *If it is the latter, then basically you are buying and selling ownership interests in companies, which has almost no affect on underlying companies.from another thread:My particular strategy involves options and a calendar spread, which means I'm taking a long and short position on the same underlying security, which creates a net zero effect. I am primarily focused on making money through the time decay of the options.

    Aug 4, 10:55 AM
    Give me a break. People voted negative on this because they are waiting on merom MBPs and now think that, contrary to they're hopes and prayers the past few weeks, that the Merom MBP revisions wont be out until september. This is no clandestine PC-clone smear campaign. who's it going to effect? This forum is full of the faithful, messing around here isn't going to change national opinion of Microsoft or apple products. It's not Steve Ballmer twisting his handlebar mustaches as he chortles to himself, going from one article to the next, voting negative at each. Let's get real here.You sir are correct.

    Aug 2, 11:36 AM
    Don't forget that apple dont just compete with themselves but other PC manufacturers now, and that release schedule would put them way behind. I expect speedbump/updated MBP and iMac at least. Probably on a random Tuesday soon.

    Very good point. However, I still wouldn't expect these at WWDC. Merom won't be ready until Late August/Early September anyway... but perhaps a Conroe iMac could quietly show up some tuesday in late august in one of those four little squares on the Apple homepage...

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