Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • p0intblank
    Sep 11, 08:47 AM
    It's funny to see that people have completely forgotten about the Apple Expo in Paris, also tomorrow :D.

    To me it is kinda strange that the expo starts 7 hours prior to the media event. Are they going to keep those black curtains (assuming there are some) during the complete 1st day of the event?

    Are there any guarded stands whatsoever in the expo? Is anyone going there tomorrow to report? :)

    I believe the Sept. 12th event is being streamed to the Apple Paris Expo. Also Steve isn't giving a keynote at that event, only the media one. Anything that is announced by Apple tomorrow will be at the special event.

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  • My1stMacWasLisa
    Nov 25, 05:48 AM
    To the posters who say antivirus sioftware is 'unintrusive' I have to disagree. If you have it set to be live/active rather than passive then it is in the very nature of antivirus software to be intrusive. That's what it does, it intrudes into the normal functioning of your OS to add extracomplexity to perform intensive checks and or scans on every IO, local or remote, activity. If it didn't intrude it wouldn't work.

    You may respond by saying well it didn't intrude to the extent that I noticed, well never the less it intrudes and it slows down the performance of your system. Your system is having to do extra work, the work of the AV software, perfromance is unavoudably impacted. You can't bend the laws of physics to give AV software a free ride.

    As for those who say "you should at least have it installed so you don't pass viruses to other users". Well those other (windows) users have AV software installed, right? If they don't, they should, according to you argument. And if they haven't and they get a virus it's their fault not some Mac user way down the chain.

    It is inevitable that Mac OS will eventually be more frequently targetted, however I have 'faith' the it is more secure than windows. And if and when the great Mac Virus Outbreak occurs, I'll install AV software, until then. NO.

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  • GGJstudios
    Dec 29, 10:45 AM
    For those who insist that Mac OS X needs not AV protection, I politely disagree .... Today we know her as "Typhoid Mary". Approximately 30 people died as a direct result of the Typhus virus she carried, but was apparently immune to.
    Poor analogy. Mary was a source of the virus. Macs are not the source of Windows viruses. No Mac can have a file containing a Windows virus, unless it first receives that file from a Windows computer. Windows, not Mac, is the source for Windows viruses.
    Yes, Macs may be largely immune in today's threat environment.
    Macs are not immune. They are not affected in any way by Windows malware, but they are not immune to threats. The only malware threats in the wild that can affect current Mac OS X are those which can be avoided by prudent action on the part of the user.
    But threats change.
    Yes, they do change. If the situation changes and a virus is introduced in the wild that affects Mac OS X, it will make news headlines and anyone paying attention will be alerted. Until that time, no AV software can detect a threat that does not yet exist.
    But we all communicate with the Windows world.
    Not every Mac user shares files with Windows users. You can communicate with Windows users without sharing files that could pose a threat.
    Please consider taking one for the team and getting some sort of AV.
    Interesting you should choose that phrase:
    1. take one for the team
    The act of someone willingly making a sacrafice for the benefit of others.
    The only ones who would benefit by Mac users making the sacrifice of system performance in running AV software are Windows users who don't run AV software. Even then, it would only protect them from infected files you might send them. It would not protect them from files sent from other computers, websites, emails, IMs, etc., which pose a far greater threat than any Mac.

    If Windows users are properly protected, they have no need for Mac users to run AV, since they're protected from threats, no matter where they come from. If you want to do this, that's your choice, but I have no desire to take steps to try to protect any Windows users who don't care enough to protect themselves.

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  • kalsta
    May 5, 08:45 AM
    Easy. 13/48ths of an inch.;)

    Is that wink a small admission of how silly your system really is? :) Sure, the math was simple, but how meaningful are all these crazy fractions? If I actually had to try and picture what these fractions represent, I'd want to convert the denominator into a multiple of 10 first in order to try and picture it. I might note that twice 48 is roughly 100, so I know we're dealing with a bit over 26%. Other fractions could prove more difficult. With the metric system, you never have to do this. You're always dealing with base-10, which is something we all understand and can picture, without having to memorise particular fractions and what they represent.

    I really don't see much functional difference between a language and a system of measures. Both express specificity using prearranged syntax and values.

    Well, we could certainly argue that international communication would be a LOT simpler if there was only one language � and it would be! However, the reality is, we have a world with not only a diversity of language, but a diversity of culture, and the two are intricately linked. That makes the world a very interesting place, and being able to speak multiple languages would be a wonderful skill to have when travelling and engaging in other cultures. People are generally proud of their heritage, culture and language, and there aren't too many people suggesting the world should lose all of that richness in the interest of conformity. (Well, there are such people, but I think we can agree they're generally pretty scary.)

    How many people are so nostalgic about the imperial system? With language, one communicates deep philosophical thoughts, writes beautiful poetry, tells a woman of his undying love. With a system of measurement, one� well, measures stuff. Most of the world has seen the benefits of a better system and they've moved on without regret. What is different about the US that it can't do likewise? I honestly find it perplexing. Be honest now� Is it because the French invented it?

    Even beyond that, if we were to adopt the metric system 100% starting tomorrow, the transition would have to last for decades not only to encompass those who are too old to be educated, but also to deal with the infrastructure changes that would have to take place. At the very earliest it would be my grandchildren who would see a fully metricized US.

    You're not stepping out onto the moon this time. Just about every other country on the planet (and there are quite a few of them!) have gone before you, and it worked out just fine. Sure, it takes some time, but not as long as you might like to imagine. Let me come back to my own experience� I was born in the 70s, around the time Australia was just starting to transition to the metric system. The older folk may well have had a difficult time with it, but if so I was blissfully unaware of it. I came to learn what an inch was, since most rulers had inches on one side and mm/cm on the other, and people still, to this day, casually talk about their height in feet and the weight of newborn babies in pounds. (Yes, some old habits die hard.) But these sort of things are the exceptions. The transition to metric was so efficient, I, as a first generation growing up with it, didn't even notice there was a transition happening.

    Seriously, you should be looking to Australia and other countries with successful transitions and learning from them, instead of just perpetuating all these fanciful stories of how terrible it's going to be to change.

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  • UK-MacAddict
    Mar 28, 12:04 PM
    I hope this isnt true but if it is then a January release of an iPhone 5 would be possible. Apple used to announce new hardware every January at Macworld until they stopped attending.

    As far as I know there are no big Apple product updates in January so iPhone would fit in quite nicely here. Remember the first iPhone was announced at Macworld 2007.

    Now Apple has firmly established its manufacturers they could gear up iPhone 5 production at the end of 2011 and have enough stock for a January release.

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  • X2468
    Mar 30, 10:30 PM
    Lion is ready to Roar (almost)
    Don't hold your breath, it's neutered & softened courtesy of iOS, there'll be no roaring.

    Perhaps there will be modified fart app that sounds like a fake roar.

    The simple minded will love it, no thinking required.

    The tech enthusiasts, not so much.


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  • paolo-
    May 3, 01:29 AM
    For the love of your education system, do make the switch! I'm an engineering student from Canada. So I have to learn both imperial and SI. Imperial is such a pain in the ass. The units don't mean anything and they are not made to fit with each other so you have conversions factors everywhere. Also, pound force and pound mass, WTF?

    Really, most opinions I see in the US to keep the imperial system is because you're not accustomed to it. Fahrenheit being more accurate than Celsius or Kelvins, really? Just add a decimal, that's the beauty of it, you add a decimal point or a factor of ten and Earth doesn't suddenly implode. I think it grows on you, you can relate things much more easily, let's say you're comparing something in feet or inches, or pounds and onces, you don't get a real feel for it.

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  • macdouche
    May 6, 08:12 AM
    So I just bought a new 4 core Sandy Bridge iMac tonight and now this news breaks. Is ARM actually building anything in any way shape or form that competes with the Intel X86 stuff right now or is this just vaporware at this point?

    Yeap, your new iMac is now obsolete, and I'm sure you were planning on doing so much with it. LMAO:D

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  • _Matt
    Aug 4, 10:58 AM
    You are the perfect consumer. "Must ... have ... bright ... shiny ... new .... thing", whether you need it or not. So what if apple comes out with a new computer every 6 months? If the one you have does what you need it to - why do you care? If your self-worth is tied up in having the latest computer, you just need therapy. And please don't blame Apple for your debt situation.

    Haha. Well said. I guess Apple added in something to the last revision of PowerBook G4s which makes us PowerBook users more down to earth. I would never get rid of my PowerBook. :D

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  • Jape
    Nov 18, 05:06 PM
    You are correct! We will be releasing our car kit sometime in December. It works with any iPhone GPS app, so you are not limited to just use ours! =)

    Some features include:

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 21, 02:54 PM
    wow, most importantly on slide 3 they say that they launched the 965 chipset. that means they can switch to the 965 integrated GPU across the board for consumer macs. that would certainly help the heat issues, make the macs cheaper and less complicated to design for apple. standard parts and boards allow for even faster updates. good news.

    mmm... GMA965. :D That should be a very nice improvement over the 950!

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  • Renverse
    May 6, 06:35 AM
    I can only see the Macbook Air and maybe the Mac Mini move to ARM. ARM Processors are not ANYWHERE fast enough to meet the current Quadcore i-Processors on the speed.

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  • netdog
    Sep 11, 09:05 AM

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  • Coolerking
    Sep 11, 09:05 AM
    I think its fair to assume at this stage no macbook/pro updates will be shown tomorrow. All they do is distract from the media/ipod announcements. best you can hope for is a quiet refresh towards the end of this week.


    Or later today. Although with 9/11 being at the forefront of the news I doubt it.

    Early tomorrow would be best.

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  • Yamcha
    Apr 25, 09:22 AM
    I think Steve is outright lying about this.. I don't think most people aren't fond of this, including myself..

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  • Michael Scrip
    Apr 26, 04:01 PM
    I'll bet you money they include Android tablets in the same chart if an Android tablet ever actually sells significant numbers. And it IS deceptive because they did not point out that the chart is completely different if you included all Apple iOS devices, whereas if you included all other Android devices besides phones the chart wouldn't change.

    Yeah... who knows.

    But also... who cares? Is marketshare anything more than fanboy fodder?

    Apple is in the business of selling products and they are doing just that. Don't be so concerned with charts and graphs... just let Apple do what they do.

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  • basesloaded190
    Mar 28, 11:21 AM
    The second update makes more sense.

    I agree, but why would they say that in the first place. Not everyone knows Apple's accounting cycle :rolleyes:

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  • azilnik
    Aug 2, 09:56 PM
    Hm. Hey guys... I'm a longtime reader of MR. I always read your comments and never recall posting (Creepy, eh?)

    Anyway apparently I once made an account although I don't remember.

    None the less... I'm surprised at how much doubt there is about Core 2 Duos. Apple and Intel are more or less best buddies. You honestly expect Apple to not update their lineup? You don't think people will go... Hmm... Core Duo Macbook Pro... Or... Core 2 Duo Dell. Even a moron will say "2's better than 1!" Apple is KNOWN for having top of the line systems in their respective class, and now that that class is Intel processors, I have 0 doubt that Apple will introduce Core 2 Duos in it's Macbook Pros as soon as it can. The reason I say Macbook Pros is because I'm sure that Macbooks and Mac Minis will say with the Core Duos. Why? Apple needs to better differentiate their pro line from their consumer line, because right now there is not much difference between the Macbook and Macbook Pro, performance-wise (Yes I know Integrated Video, Glossy Screen, etc.) but Proc. to Proc., Almost no difference.

    As for "Meroms in iMacs..." Maybe, but I doubt it. Not SOON at least. Conroes then? You guys are forgetting... Apple doesn't NEED to use it. Just because it's AVAILABLE means almost nothing. Why would they use Conroe when they simply don't need to. I don't think we'll see Conroes at all in Macs quite honestly, and I don't see any problem with that. Maybe in Intel-based Power Macs, but there's ALOT of speculation about that.

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  • ZbHRP
    May 4, 08:08 PM
    I'd rather go to a store and get Lion which will probably only take a hour, rather than waiting a days for a 58GB+ download to finish. (No, I'm not buying it online, Apple's courier here is very slow and unreliable when buying small boxed items (OS X, iPods, etc.) at the Apple Store.)

    Aug 7, 07:58 PM
    For the budget conscious, you can order a 2GHz MacIntel Pro for only $1962 with a 160GB HD. Since 250 GB Hds are only $70 these days - recently 400 GB was $99 at Fry's, yes SATA/300 Maxtor - Getting rid of the Apple 250 for a 160 is worth saving $67.

    Apple's $400 price for 500GB HDs is Absurd. Fry's $99 for 400GB Maxtor SATA/300 on Memorial Day is more reasonable wouldn't you say?

    The above is all based on the Educational pricing. But even the retail pricing is better saved than spent. ;)

    My GUESS is that the 2GB MacIntel Quad is about the same speed or a little slower than the G5 Quad. But I love the 6 bays and additional ports in it.

    I'm looking forward to teh benchmarks on the 2GHz Mac Pro Quad Vs. The 2.5GHz PM G5 Quad. That will tell quite the story. Note the SATA bus is 300 vs 150 on the G5.

    But it is only about 15% more money - $270 Ed or $300 Retail - for 33% More Power. So the 2GHz model becomes an "it's all I can afford" model. Or only need for non-speed intensive applications.

    Looks like a 3GB RAM config will cost at least almost $400 more - getting 2GB from third party. So pretty much a $2900 deal - Educational (plus HDs) for minimum 3GB setup on the 2.66GHz model - including 8% CA Sales Tax.

    May 4, 05:29 PM
    keep in mind, right now exactly 0% of the products sold on the app store will run without the OS already installed.

    I didn't know this. You mean I have to have an OS installed before I play Angry Birds?

    Mar 31, 07:00 PM
    Only for a year. Fill up that 20 Gigs and a year later you can either empty it down to the free 5, or pony up.
    This thing will be sued to hell and back before the year is up, so it won't make a difference. :)

    Mar 28, 09:59 AM
    Seems nonsensical that people are interpreting the annoucement as foregoing iPhone5 reveal...

    The conference is a week long event and the opening keynote sets the scene for whatever focus it is but overall its a one hour presentation to kick off not the whole damn thing

    Just because the focus is iOS/OSX for the conference doesn't mean Apple will stray from an established release cycle and do the simple reveal .... they simply can't afford to with the market competition starting to get significant market share.

    Aug 2, 02:23 PM
    I wouldn't be surprised if all that happens is Leopard previews, Mac Pros and Steve rips his shirt off and crowd surfs.

    No, I think this is the closest so far :)

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