Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • Moyank24
    May 4, 04:33 PM
    yep. and he knows where all the treasures are so he can protect them with his minions.

    the worst part is that we don't know if and how many points he had at the beginning, and/or if any monster or trap was pre-placed in the mansion. Nor we know the 'price-list" and stats of monsters and trap (all of which i think we should)

    the good part is that the villain is dumb as a bell so he probably placed all the traps and monsters to guard his barbie-doll collection ;)

    beatrice, that part is outdated and has been superseded by a more updated interpretation of how traps work. i think post 47 is a more current version of the rules.

    so, where do you want to go?

    Ahh, ok. I'm only really trying to check back with the OP to avoid further confusion. And yes, to the door at the end of the hallway.

    And goodness, Beatrice makes me feel like I'm 100 years old.

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  • Frogurt
    Sep 16, 12:53 PM
    They released the C2D iMACS altogether. I would be really surprised if they didn't do AT LEAST the same to their pro line-ups.

    Except that Apple has typically released only the 15 inch model before later introducing the 17 (and 12 when they existed) when they do major updates. Witness the introduction of the Al case and the Intel switch. Of course it matters whether this is a major update. If, like the iMacs, there is not a major case redesign and it is just a processor bump then expect them to be released simultaneously. But if there is a change in case, I would be surprised (pleasantly though) if the 17 came out at the same time.

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  • EagerDragon
    Jul 22, 03:11 PM
    Ok guys. I just got the word from a neighbor who is a contractor for one of the upper brass Apple engineers. There is going to be a whole new revolution this Tuesday!

    The new MMP will no longer use conventional batteries. Instead, they will be run off of propane. Apple is now trying to get the BTUs up to 15000, and be energy star certified for a multi room space heater.

    There will be a small propane fireplace, with a small childproof screen, in bottom center of the screen.

    There is a little portable propane bottle that is the exact size of the battery compartment.


    I already have that in my 15" PB 1.67, the heat from it has so far made some changes to the skin on my legs where it rest and keeps me nice an cosy in the winter.

    Wont need a bigger space heater for a while.

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  • Piggie
    Apr 23, 04:56 PM
    Agreed re: future-proofing, but are you seriously suggesting that Apple isn't serious about GPUs? They've probably got a higher "minimum acceptable" standard for GPU performance than any other manufacturer. The one thing they don't do is chase the bleeding edge super-high-end gaming GPUs.

    Also: games don't HAVE to render at native display resolutions. And as resolution gets higher, the artifacts from not being at the native level become much less visible.

    Apple's problem is that they put "Looks" before performance.

    They crippled their chances of ever becoming a serious competitor to the PC for games due to deciding to use giant laptops on a stand which meant they could not cool any decent graphics cards, handing the gaming crown to the PC for years on a plate.

    As for the future who knows.

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  • AtHomeBoy_2000
    Jul 30, 09:10 AM
    They wouldn't have to do that. You know ESPN Mobile, Boost Mobile, and AMP'd mobile? They are all "virtual" networks that lease bandwidth from other providers who actually have a physical network. These "virtual" wireless companies are called MVNOs. Apple could become an MVNO (and it has been rumored in the past that would do so), so that they could offer all the features they want, and ensure a consistent experience across the entire user base.

    How successful are MVNOs? Last I heard ESPN and Disney mobile are rumored to be shutting down due to low subscriber numbers.

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  • drummondi
    Sep 15, 11:10 PM
    I've just been wanting one for so long, and all I've been waiting for is a processor trade-out, that I'll be happy with just that. Of course I'll be quite please if they implement the easy access HD bay. Better still, a better gfx card would make me pee my pants a little.

    I think you should go get your prostate checked.

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  • seedster2
    Apr 25, 09:57 AM
    Call me naive (or perhaps paranoid) but I've been assuming my location is being tracked since I bought my first smart phone years ago.

    I never understand these things.

    It's like asking a burger "did you steal anything?"

    The answer will either be silence or it will be no.

    Even if Apple were using and collecting tracking locations to build up databases of customer movements, they are not going to shout "YES WE ARE TRACKING PEOPLE"

    It's just a silly question to ask, what do you think they will say?

    If Apple want to be seen to be squeaky they have a simple answer, put a setting in the iDevices options to turn off location tracking/storage.

    Pretty much sums it up. I knew these companies would be gathering information for advertising or marketing purposes long ago. I dont care what snarky answer SJ provides, I will assume they are collecting the data and move on with my life. Apple and Google are both for profit corporations so I Im not foolish enough to think one is more honorable than the other.

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  • MikhailT
    May 7, 03:34 PM
    MobileMe doesn't even work right now... how would they ever support way more users?

    If you read, they said after a certain facility goes on, supposedly the new NC data center. It is very likely that there'll be a brand new version of MobileMe launching with it, along with iWork and Lala.

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  • Moyank24
    May 4, 01:42 PM
    So what are our choices? We are in a hallway right now, I believe. So we can choose to explore the hallway or do we choose to go through another door and explore that room?

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  • holycat
    Sep 15, 09:18 PM
    What u All expect for the new mAcbook pro?

    mAybe something unexpected??suprise??

    is that possible to have blue-ray ROM??hehehe..:eek: :eek:

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  • Cougarcat
    Mar 29, 01:54 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    In 5-10 years the iPod will become extinct. By then the touch will be hanging on a thin wire.

    Lemme guess... it'll all be in the cloud, right?

    Nanobots in the bloodstream!

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  • Zadillo
    Aug 4, 03:56 PM
    You know, considering that Sony has been able to cram a DL drive in something as tiny as the TX series (not to mention the SZ series), I'm not sure why Apple couldn't do something similar with the 15" MBP.

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  • Consultant
    Apr 26, 02:51 PM
    Too bad Android makers are basically giving them away to gain market share.

    And doesn't Nokia still making more money on ovi than Google's android store?

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  • chrmjenkins
    May 3, 02:48 PM
    I suppose we'll know who the villain is?

    Of course. Right after the game is over. :cool:

    I kid. You'll know a lot more in a very short while.

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  • SirHaakon
    Mar 29, 07:02 PM
    I uploaded an album from one of my iTunes folders and Amazon sorted them alphabetically. I didn't see a way to maintain the track order so I created a playlist and dragged the songs into it one by one in track number order.

    That was really awkward. Is there an easier way to do this or didn't they consider that songs within albums have track numbers?
    If the mp3s have track information embedded in them, they maintain correct order when you upload them. Songs you've downloaded from iTunes should be fine. If it's stuff you stole from somewhere else, who knows who encoded it or what settings they used.

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  • Gosh
    Nov 27, 05:38 PM
    I think this will be and sooner than we might expect. Possibly announced in Jan and available alongside Leopard.

    I can feel it in my water!

    If the price is right it might not leave a place in the range for a Mac mini!

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  • Boomchukalaka
    Apr 7, 02:10 PM
    All hail Tim Cook!

    Seriously though, I think people are going to be surprised at how well RIM rebounds. Not that they are going to stop or even slow the iPad or iPhone train, but I will surprised if they don't carve themselves out a pretty good niche.

    They're a much more resilient company than that for which they are given credit. Do some serious research into the company as though you were looking to invest, and you'll find out that they got a little too complacent for a time, but they have some vision that will surprise people in the coming years.

    Seriously? A company with 2 CEO's and 3 COO's is not well structured or well managed. A company who has just downgraded earning expectations for the coming quarter is not well managed. A company whose stock price has crashed by more than 50 % in the last 18 months and is hoping that a new product that has been announced over 8 months ago, yet appears to be rushed to market and as it relies on another product to give it 3G connectivity has neither a product nor is a company with vision.

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  • KnightWRX
    May 6, 06:26 AM
    Both this rumor and the recent rumor about the iOS devices moving to Intel as a CPU manufacturer ( are rumors about an upcoming Intel ARM processor it seems... These don't have to be taken separately, this can be the same rumor as Apple is moving to consolidate all their line-ups into 1 processor family and 1 processor vendor (meaning better volume purchases).

    Let's not forget that Intel used to manufacture the StrongARM ( line of processor after acquiring it from Digital Equipement Corporation, so they already have experience in this line of work.

    How well would ARM laptops work ? Let's hope better than the ARM netbooks that are sold. I wouldn't trade my Intel laptop for one right now.

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  • MacNut
    May 3, 06:13 PM
    Our highway exits are distanced usually by a mile. Changing the system would really mess that up unless we reconstruct all the exit ramps.

    Nov 26, 06:52 PM
    This can be done quite cheaply, if Apple doesn't use off the shelf PC components - which is why current tablet PCs are so expensive. An Intel ULV processor is not cheap.

    Shame that Apple moved away from the PowerPC really, when it comes to applications such as this. They could use a $20 PPC 750CL processor (16mm^2 die size, compare to the ~150mm^2 PC processors) at up to 1GHz (~2W power consumption at 700MHz), with a 30GB 1.8" hard drive (same as iPod), 512MB memory ... that'd be cheap (the display would probably be the most expensive part).

    However if this is aimed at Q12008 then Intel will have some processors on 45nm, which will reduce size and power consumption. Also the chipsets are cheap and good.

    I don't understand why PC tablets cost so much when they use components that you see in cheap laptops. Maybe there's a hefty OS + software cost, which Apple would not have as its inhouse. So there is a good chance for Apple to be competitively priced. The cost is the major issue with tablets - $500 - good. $1000 - can deal with probably. $2000 - haha.

    Jul 30, 09:12 PM
    Why would it be advantageous to ban texting? All these features on phones are simply functions of software, not requring excessive hardware technology, so its not like the phone would benefit from not having it.

    Also, 5MP camera? Thats just ridiculous. The issue with all these phones is the lenses involved, not the resolution. Give me a 1.2MP that has some decent glass with it to take a picture rather than some bumped up resolution that is junk when I iSync the iPone to iPhoto :D Beside, the nokia phones that do actually have high resolution cameras are THICK. Over an inch. Im not saying we need the next razr here, but over 1" thick makes it uncomfortable to keep in your pocket.

    And I think it will be SIM free too. As posted, we all go blow 200-400 on ipods, why not phones. Beside, if Apple just releases unlocked GSM phones, the carriers have no say. iTunes, iChat, VoiP when the wifi is available, its all open season if this thing isnt branded to a particular carrier.

    Nov 23, 08:56 AM
    The industry will change. MS will release the "Pune" in 3 years to kill iPhone. In brown.

    Should that not be PRUNE?


    Apr 26, 09:16 AM
    That is Fuji-san, and that's how it looks....

    Always nice when someone goes public with their ignorance...

    To be fair, it doesn't always have that color scheme. I've taken several pictures of Fuji, and none have that particular color scheme.


    Apr 24, 10:38 AM
    Ps: Happy Easter everyone:)

    Same to you. Happy Easter. :)

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