Sunday, May 15, 2011

queen elizabeth 11 marriage

queen elizabeth 11 marriage. Queen Elizabeth II wearing the
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  • itcheroni
    Apr 15, 12:38 PM
    Essentially my theory is (and it's not really mine but I've forgotten who deserves credit for it) that as tax rates drop, wealth concentrates and becomes less mobile. The free market ceases to operate because bargaining power, knowledge, and resources are all on one side, eventually causing 95% to be at the whim of the remaining 5.

    This was essentially the status quo in places like pre-revolution France. It predominated societies until the reforms of the 20th Century. It was only then that we saw incomes improve for the masses. The historical record clearly shows that higher marginal tax rates are good because they don't allow the rich to rest on their laurels while at the same time helping out the unfortunate (who are then able to more fully participate in the economy).

    If you remember the name of the economist, please let me know. There are a lot of differences in perspective I have, I can tell just from your brief description, but I would like to learn the finer details of the theory.

    Was it an economist or someone who actually understands economics? :D :p

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  • notjustjay
    Apr 18, 02:56 PM
    Have you looked at the TouchWiz UI? It's almost identical to iOS - dock at the bottom, pages of icons in a grid and you even remove applications in the same way as you do on the iPhone. I've nothing at all against competition for iOS, but they shouldn't just rip the design off

    Looking at the TouchWiz UI, I see your point.

    But, at what point does an interface become too generic? For example, the concept of pages of icons in a grid isn't really new or innovative. The concept of swiping across screens is simple and intuitive and should be standardized
    (e.g. copied) for that exact reason. Should other phone makers put the icons in a circle, "just because" they need to be different? Should they force you to do something differently just because the best and most intuitive way was "already taken"?

    Everyone loves car analogies, so: what if Ford decided to sue other carmakers because they copied their steering wheel design? Would other companies have been forced to adopt other types of controls -- joysticks or dials or foot pedals, perhaps -- "just because"? And would that have been good for the auto industry?

    queen elizabeth 11 marriage. queen elizabeth 11 marriage.
  • queen elizabeth 11 marriage.

  • Michael383
    Mar 30, 04:10 AM
    This must be the number 1 concern on all of Japans minds right now... How will everyone survive without an ipod.


    With all the devastation in Japan I think I could wait for an Ipod battery.

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  • Don't panic
    May 4, 12:13 PM
    so now we have to wait until mscriv tells you his foul intentions?

    this could take a while. he's probably busy torturing counseling flies or sommthing ;)

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  • noservice2001
    Aug 4, 04:52 AM
    please let it be in the mac mini...

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  • PhoneI
    Mar 27, 10:02 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Getting mad doesn't impact apple's plans, unfortunately.

    yeah your right. Apple should alter their release schedules based on how mad their customers get when a new device is released. Especially since the device this customer bought still works exactly like they expected it to when they purchased it.

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  • smallduck
    Nov 26, 06:01 PM
    I always thought the direction Apple would go with a tablet was as a consumer device extension to iPhoto, almost how iPod extends iTunes. Like how iTV will wirelessly pull viedo from Macs in your household, this could have been doing the same with photos years ago. Although primarily a picture frame, it could have had a touch screen and perhaps running full (or limited) OS X and permitting additional functions that users come up with.

    Before recently, its likely this would either been too expensive a product for someone using it as just a picture frame, either that or too limited for someone wanting other functions. But that's surely not as true anymore, seeing how small and cheap devices are getting so capable these days.

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  • MacNut
    Apr 14, 10:17 PM
    Well, you provided a cautionary tale in response to my suggestion.

    That's why I asked how you felt about it.

    Please note ... I asked.

    That's my question.You don't, you only cut things that don't work and are unsuccessful. Don't feed money into something that isn't working, either fix it or cut it.

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  • MacFly123
    Mar 29, 03:12 PM
    I think looks pretty good. A bit lacking in some extra metadata that I'd like to see but certainly not hideous. Everything works, and works well. Much faster to navigate around my music than via iTunes. Give me speed over superfluous eye-candy any day.

    The AmazonMP3 Android app looks very nice btw...

    Ok, no offense, but you are not a designer are you lol??? And I have yet to see anything on Android that looks "very nice", just sayin'! :p

    Haha, I will give you that they are at least on par, but Amazon has no excuse being the biggest online retailer in the world and one of the biggest internet presences on earth that is making tons of money!

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  • ptysell
    May 6, 12:29 AM
    Can always have a system with ARM AND x86 CPUs.

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  • 2992
    Apr 20, 12:42 AM
    good to know it'll be Sept update, but... too long to wait, and iP4 is already old. Samsung G S2, here I come! :)

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  • yellowballoon
    Mar 29, 12:27 PM
    Come on Apple you can do it ..

    Having bought a good chunk of my media library of iTunes I would love to back that up into the cloud .. wirelessly syncing my phone would be heaven.

    Hopeing Apple has something good up their sleeves.


    LOL..yeah Windows Phone beat them to the wireless syncing..what a joke Apple!

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  • dmw007
    Nov 26, 01:25 PM
    I've always thought the tablet PC was cool tech in search of a practical application to take off in popularity.
    Using a tablet as remote for your iTV media center? check
    Using a tablet to wirelessly surf the web/email? check
    Using a tablet as portable music and video player? check

    With the right specs and price, Apple could pull this off.

    I think that you are right in your analysis zelmo. :)

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  • gadget123
    Apr 20, 02:03 PM
    They don't have to do squat really. They can just call it the iPhone 5 and people would still buy it if it only had a slightly better camera in it.

    Well exactly the 3G > 3GS update was minor so the 4/5 will be too.

    Anybody expecting a total redesign in Iphone 5 may feel let down. Many people prefer the Iphone 4 design and I'd rather not see them go back to the older design.

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  • BuffyzDead
    Apr 18, 02:53 PM
    Only in Business where two companies that are active partners, as Samsung is a major Vendor to Apple, can they this happen.

    Of Course Apple is right to sue.

    I always imagined that when Apple sends over all the blueprints, for the technologies/products that Apple asks Samsung to build, those Blueprints go right to Samsung R&D. To copy and learn from.

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  • nidserz
    Apr 10, 01:53 AM
    This thread is hilarious. Take a calculator and enter the numbers the exact way they are in the OP and you'll only get one answer... On any calculator. If you think you're smarter then a calculator.. Well I have nothing to say to you. Just... Good luck to your ego.

    Answer is 288.

    I inputed it exactly like this in my calculator and I got 2. So...

    Edit: I voted 2 because I thought of it as 48 over (/) 2(9+3)
    But written as 48�2(9+3) I would say 288...


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  • Ryth
    Apr 22, 10:22 AM
    Hrm.. When I hear "Mac Pro", I think of a giant behemoth of a computer, with super internals for crazy processing power for graphics design or whatever your poison may be..

    Actually, you can get by with a mid/high level iMac now for most graphic design needs (photoshop, illustrator, etc) these days and even average video editing needs

    MacPros are really now for higher end video and 3D applications or those that really need to get their work done fast and rendered fast.

    Funny though, one of the 3D companies that works in our building actually bought high end iMacs last year and they use them for Maya and they work great they said...I think we're at a plateau for a lot of apps in what you can do with them and the latest gen processors in the iMacs, MBPros are somewhat overkill for a lot of people already.

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  • VanMac
    Apr 26, 02:09 PM
    Competition is good :) Keeps Apple on their toes

    Don't need another MS Monopoly.......

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  • Cougarcat
    Apr 23, 04:43 PM
    I'm not impressed if this is where the iMac display is potentially going , the current GPUs can barely drive the resolutions they have now in anything other than simple desktop apps . , can you imagine what video card you would need to drive a game (say portal 2 which has low to modest requirements) at 30fps + on a screen with 3200 or higher resloution ?

    I think Apple is simply futureproofing here, and we won't see Retina displays for 3+ years, when it would be more feasible.

    I agree with you, though, it would be nice if Apple was more serious about their GPUs. Maybe the switch to retina will force them to be.

    May 2, 07:56 PM
    According to this article (, the metric system was supposed to be almost fully implemented in the US by 2000, but because of a lack of enough public and government support through the 70s-90s the program essentially got shut down.

    As an engineering student, I hope we will switch soon. The metric system makes so much more sense and is far easier to learn. Even for more common measurements (How many teaspoons/tablespoons in a cup again? Yards in a mile?), SI is a far superior system.

    I think the biggest obstacle right now is the older generations who have grown up with imperial units and don't want to learn a new system. It should at least be taught equally in schools so a future switch won't cause as much resistance.

    SI is superior in conversions only
    Imperial is superior as I actually have a feel for the numbers

    Mar 26, 11:33 PM
    I really hope wwdc is going to focus on computers rather than its IOS toys.

    Yeah, because why would Apple want to focus the event on iOS, which is only its most widely adopted platform with the most developers?

    Jul 30, 01:53 PM
    And do you really think that this would be bad for Apple? They'll fly out of the Apple Stores, and eventually Cingular will beg to be allowed to sell them.

    That's if they can get a major cell company in the US to support them. I can see all of the carriers here saying no because they don't want people to be able to get music from their computer. They want to sell it to you at $2-3. Their attitude is, if people will pay $2-3 for a 30 second clip, then how much will they pay for the full song? The answer, at least $2-$3...

    Apr 20, 06:07 AM
    Not a summer update? Surprising.

    Not sure if serious. We pretty much knew it wouldn't be a summer update.

    Apr 18, 03:06 PM
    Have you seen Windows GUI? It's also almost identical - rows of icons and task bar at the bottom. Did Microsoft sue Apple? No.
    Apple sued Microsoft though (rightfully so as they had a very similar UI first).

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