Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 7, 06:52 PM
    But are they FB-DIMMs?Yes I corrected my pricing on post #188 to reflect that. Still cheaper than Apple (

    $386 per pair of 1GB sticks.

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  • danpass
    May 7, 01:49 PM
    hmmm ............. is free.

    maybe some combined functionality setup soon?

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Aug 2, 06:28 PM
    I do not expect MacBook Pros because Intel Core 2 Duo for notebooks has not been announced yet.

    It was introduced last Thursday along with the Core 2 Duo for desktop (Merom, Conroe, and Woodcrest).

    I believe someone quote an Intel official saying consumors should see Core 2 Duo Mobile computers by late August.

    My [selfish?] logic:
    Aug 7 + shipping in two weeks = late August

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 26, 02:21 PM
    Once again, the seperating into 'smartphone' and 'tablet' markets makes little sense.

    As the capabilities of both devices grow we'll soon find that the only difference between the two is screen size.

    Do we consider the 13" Macbook to be in a different market than the 15" Macbook Pro? No, they're both laptops.

    And thus, everyone will soon wake up and realize that ALL iOS devices should be compared against ALL Android devices. These 'smartphone only' lists may still make sense in but in 2 or 3 years these kind of measurements will be seen as worthless.

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  • Savor
    Apr 18, 05:03 PM

    Suing your own partner and supplier. What next Apple, are going to sue Sony or Omnivision? Sue Foxcomm because iDevices are made in China.

    All Apple has is their interface. Without the hardware components, there would be no iPhone or iPad. It would be like Nintendo suing Sharp even though the 3DS screen is supplied by them.

    I hope Apple learns to manufacture everything themselves. Google should stop supporting them. Same with Samsung. I want Apple to do it all alone. I want every developer and hardware to turn their back on Apple. Expect more delays with the iPhone 5.

    Incredibly petty. Why ruin relationships with your partners when you are still on the gravy train?

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  • Capt Underpants
    May 6, 12:20 AM
    I can't see them making another architecture transition. The switch to intel was enough...

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  • chrfr
    May 4, 06:03 PM
    I haven't found a way to burn or make it bootable since they don't offer a full dmg file on the developer page like they did with SL.
    The .dmg is inside the installer package. It's a simple matter to burn that to disc or restore it to a USB drive and do a clean install.

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  • Piggie
    Apr 24, 05:57 AM
    That issue could have been largely solved if they had just faced a standard high end GPU with the intake facing towards the back and the exhaust on the side. But Apple is too vain to put a vent on the rear of the iMac to accomodate the intake of a high quality GPU, let alone a slim exhaust vent on the side.

    If they had simply used a standard GPU like that it would have opened up quality gaming on the Mac and made it simple to upgrade to newer cards so that people didn't have to chuck the entire computer every time they wanted a new video card.

    I'm sure you are right.

    Given a bit of good design work on Apples part, when I say good design I mean, technically good as opposed to artistically good.

    And in conjunction with Nvidea/ATI (personally I still like Nvidea as they seem more on the ball with Tessalation and Cuda programming for offloading CPU work onto the GPU)

    A "Spread out" design, given the large rear metal surface are of an iMac and a few very neat vents to pull in cool air using a slow well designed fan, from the side or bottom and exhausting the warm air on the other side/top could be well within technical possibilities. And would address the weak spot Apple have had for a decade or two.

    But, as has been said, Apple seem to fear this market as they seem to think they can't compete, and if you know you can't compete it's best not to enter the race. They want to go for poorer quality graphics, or we can use the term that sounds better than that.

    The casual gamer.

    Quite why this Apple created concept to cover their weak point should be happy with less quality/detail is unsure to me.

    It's like saying people what watch films all the time and enjoy them should have the best picture quality we can deliver.

    However, those who just watch the occasional movie should be happier with a lower quality image.

    Kind of a strange concept when you think about it. and really we should all accept it's just a created excuse to excuse away a weak area as I said.

    But, as you quite rightly said. Apple are too vein to spoil, in their mind the cosmetic look of an iMac by adding in cooling slits to allow for higher end graphics cards.
    A shame really as if they had taken graphics a lot more seriously 15 or 20 years ago, they could be kings of this sector now.

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  • RedTomato
    Aug 7, 03:28 PM
    Apple's newest and greatest always has high prices, then they will come down.

    With the Gx range, this didn't happen as IBM rarely changed their prices.

    Welcome to the new Intel world where prices change on a monthly basis.

    Remember when the Mac Mini were introduced?

    First they were quite expensive, then prices came down within a few weeks.

    I can't remember when the next Intel price drop is expected - someone tell us please? (probably in about 2 or 3 months time - Octoberish.)

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  • bleachthru
    Aug 7, 05:56 PM
    I find it funny that the online apple store has the Quadcore G5 still listed at $3299. $800 dollars more than the default MacPro which has 1GB ram as opposed to the meger 512MB in the G5, Quad 2.66 vs Quad 2.5, a GeForce 7300 vs the Geforce 6600, not to mention the many other bad ass features like 4 HD bays etc. Is it just me, or should the G5 price come down a bit, at least lower than the new MacPro...But then what do I know, I am still running a 500Mhz G3 as my primary machine, by the time all my student loans are paid perhaps the Quad Quad core will be out : )

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  • jeznav
    Mar 30, 05:51 PM
    Downloading now!

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  • randyharris
    Sep 10, 10:59 PM
    If the rumors of near $15 downloads are true - are you really interested? That's way too much for me to have interest in it.

    But then again, I think $0.99 per track isn't as attractive as subscription based services too.. :)

    Now a streaming Media Device I'm excited about.

    New [Video] iPod I'm excited about as well.

    Randy at

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  • Plutonius
    May 3, 11:14 PM
    No, I don't understand it that way. I understand that each group (one if we stay together, multiple if we split up) designates a leader. We do ALL of our conversation in the thread. Only the group leaders communicate the wishes of their group to the Game Gods via PM. They may take the consensus of the group, or they may implement decisions unilaterally without regard to group majority.

    Good job of explaining it.

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 20, 12:19 AM (

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  • shelterpaw
    Aug 2, 11:30 AM
    what about people who work in environments where you can't have cameras (i.e. some pros) what about people who have dual monitors etc...I can't see it being feasible. Just disable the ones who are not suppose to have them. Company policy. Dual monitors, well then it's either a wasted expense or it could be a feature. :P

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  • BenRoethig
    Jul 29, 10:54 PM
    I'll believe the iPhone when I see it. It's been "just around the corner" for what, a year and a half now.

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  • iSee
    Apr 26, 04:36 PM
    Good... there are a few things about iOS/iPhones that I don't like at all and that boil down to decisions by Apple and their partners to place limits where I don't think they need to be.

    Hopefully Apple starts to understand that these things matter and that they need to give people what they want.

    If not... Andriod here I come.

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  • SeattleMoose
    Mar 27, 10:26 AM
    is already old. We already have "clouds". Apple is the "cloud" for our apps. MobileMe is the "cloud" for whatever you want to put on that "cloud" server. The AppStore is "in the cloud". There are many other examples.....

    The term is getting a bit long in the tooth....

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  • balamw
    Apr 11, 08:28 AM
    If someone in my group had sent me a quick email with this equation I would expect to see-

    (48/2)(9+3) or 48/[2(9+3)]

    This is even more important when the equations I was using were a lot more complex!

    Step back a bit. Someone in your group would actually send you an expression that was full of constant numbers rather than reducing that to the answer?

    As s a physicist by training I hate it when the meaning is bled out of an expression, by rote plugging in of numbers. Engineers love to do this kind of thing and take a perfectly nice equation, lump a bunch of stuff together and take a few implied logs for good measure and think it still has meaning. :p

    I'd expect anyone who knows what they are doing to send something like x/y(a+b) rather than 48/2(9+3). Preferably with an extra pair of parens/brackets to improve clarity. Or send you TeX $\frac{x}{y}(a+b)$ or even code if this was a numerical exercise. This would assist in your sanity checking if, for example, you saw that x was a distance, y was a time and a and b were also times and you knew the expected answer was a distance you'd know that (x/y)*(a+b) was meant. If you were looking for acceleration you might go back to the author and ask, "did you mean (x/[y*(a+b)])?" instead of taking the original expression at its face value.

    In the absence of context and any other information the answer is 288.


    May 7, 10:18 AM
    I've always thought MobileMe should be a free service that comes as a benefit of owning a Mac. The usefulness of MobileMe just doesn't justify the $99 pricetag -- especially when other services offer something similar for free.


    Apr 5, 03:01 PM
    even google disagrees with you - they wish in the meantime to have forced more control over the carriers (as they already admitted in the public) :D

    But hey, I'm done arguing with fanboys. There's no logic behind a fanboy's arguments, it's just fanaticism. I base my opinion on first hand experience with Apple's latest product, and numerous latest handsets running Android. All the fanboys on here say "I used ____ before..." well yeah if you compare a 2 year old handset with a 2 year old OS, sure iOS 4.3 will win, but when you only come out with a handset once a year, 1 month after a product launch there will be better options. Technology changes far too much to come out with ONE mobile phone per year.

    Done with this discussion, it's going nowhere.

    Aug 11, 10:35 AM
    so once these are released, what are the chances if my MBP was broken Apple Care would replace it with a new Core 2 Duo one?It's possible. I've heard of iBooks replaced with MacBooks and iMac G5's with Intel ones.

    Mar 27, 12:39 AM
    I just forked over 750 dollars for an ipad 2 and ipad 3 is coming out? Ouch!!! I already want it.

    I don't really buy that rumor. Apple rarely to never does a six month cycle on anything and shifting the iPad to the fall means no major product to help keep the stock price nice and high.

    Plus an iPad on top of the new pods means more chaos for the retail staff, which I can't see them doing.

    If anything I could see them shifting the iPads to late Jan or early Feb next go around and moving the spring laptops closer to the start of their annual back to school promo

    Nov 22, 11:20 PM

    I went through 8 - eight - treo 650, because the hardware quality was so poor, not to mention the constant resets.

    now, imagine, i have a phone without a reset button. no, its not a palm device.

    and i bet the iphone wont have a reset button.

    your phones were decent - compared to the competition - three years ago with the announcement of the 650.

    others have long overtaken you. and you have no answer.

    I bet you cant wait to see that iphone and realize what you've all missed.

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