Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • Benjy91
    Apr 25, 10:10 AM
    Your context is incorrect. I was referring to the website that supposedly has a lot of information about you, not the location database.

    Thank you for the demonstration as to how almost everyone here is acting irrationally, though.

    I dont know if its intentional, but your Signature link is broken, it has 1 too many h's. It begins hhttps ;)

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  • adbe
    Mar 29, 02:46 PM
    the touch is the best selling would be the last to disappear

    It also extends the iOS install base by a significant amount.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 22, 08:12 AM
    How utterly retarded does one have to be to get to the point where they put workstations on top of the desk instead of on the floor where they belong? Do you really need to put your Apple computer next to your overpriced, glossy Apple display to prove yourself?

    Have you seen the cable length of the 24 inch ACD? Its so short that you have to have a desktop on the desk and not the ground.

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  • Zombie Acorn
    May 7, 01:40 AM
    So, ask for 'half a kilo'. Problem solved. :)

    Sounds like a drug order to me.

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  • lilcosco08
    Apr 7, 04:36 PM
    They should've left the bleeding screens to RIM :p

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  • b!temark
    May 4, 03:43 PM
    It's good to see the debate on the best delivery mechanism for large software releases such as this; there are clearly benefits for Apple to push it through the infrastructure they already have in place.

    In my opinion, this is just another nail in the coffin for Apple resellers. Not content with giving single-digit margins on hardware, Apple is now actively removing another method of generating revenue. Software has better reseller margins (~15-20%) than hardware, but Apple's progress with the App store has seen key applications (iWork, iLife) on there for a substantial discount.

    There are no reseller/affiliate arrangements for the App store, and resellers can't compete with their discount offerings (as Apple set both wholesale and retail pricing). As a result, resellers business will be affected, and continue to be affected if they continue down this path.


    *Disclaimer: I'm an Apple reseller

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 14, 04:24 PM
    We should also cut spending across the board. Cut spending on EVERYTHING.

    Repeating myself ...

    I find this approach highly irrational. If you're overweight, it's important to lose fat. It does no good whatsoever to treat brain the same as fat ... to treat vital organs the same as fat ... to treat limbs and digits the same as fat.

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  • twoodcc
    Aug 3, 11:34 PM
    I can still drop one in, can't I?

    yep, that's the rumor :)

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  • cvaldes
    Mar 30, 05:49 PM
    So I guess that Gold Master rumor was wrong.

    At least 95% of rumors posted here and other Apple-related forums end up being wrong.

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  • 28monkeys
    Mar 30, 08:43 PM
    Did apple ever say it will release golden masteR?

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  • ictiosapiens
    Sep 11, 12:39 PM
    Yep, downloadable TV shows, movies for purchase or rent, iPhoto photobooks/prints/calendars/cards etc.

    Who gives a rat's? Not me because we can't use any of them.

    Yes you can, get yourself some US Itunes gift certificate codes on ebay, and enjoy...

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  • danielwsmithee
    Aug 2, 11:04 AM
    There will be no update to the iPods yet, but they will be updated for sure before the release of Zune in October making Zune look old.

    As far as other hardware updates: Mac Pro, Displays (iSight and significant price drop). The other possibilities are updated MacBook Pro or iMac. The MBP really needs it soon as the MacBook seams to be a much better value. I could see them updating it the week after quietly via the web only, as it is essentially only a processor speed-bump to the Core 2 Duo 2.33 Ghz.

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  • shadowmoses
    Aug 7, 02:58 AM
    How about a new design pro keyboard to go with the new Mac Pro and Displays? I think its due.....


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  • Plutonius
    May 5, 07:08 AM
    Let's search the room and then all of us leave together through the other door. There is no reason to split up now until we run into another room with multiple doors.

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  • shaolindave
    May 4, 06:07 PM
    But that's the point, there is no reason to believe that it will be handled like every other app. Because it's not an app!

    Your car analogy is perfect. If all cars have four wheels, and your next vehicle is a car, then you can logically predict it has four wheels.

    But if all cars have four wheels, and your next vehcile is a Segway, you can't conclude that the Segway will have four wheels. Because its not a car.

    You can't logically predict that Lion on the App Store will have to follow the rules of the other Apps. Lion does not fit the definition of any other product currently on the store. It's an operating system with different issues to deal with than a simple app.

    As I mentioned previously, I can't conclude that it will be handled differently, but I also can't conclude it will be handled the same. I can only guess that Apple recognizes the issue regarding system restore and will handle it in some fashion.

    IF they handle it differently, cool. IF they don't handle it differently, there'll be problems.

    that's what i've been saying all along, yet you're flaming me.

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  • jjvdhoef
    May 9, 05:00 AM
    While I agree, MobileMe is still in my eyes the best of the bunch. That's how they get away with charging $99/year. However, if it became free, they could really talk up how great owning a Mac is because of MobileMe.

    I don't know what the service was like this past year, but while I subscribed to the service it was very very very unreliable. I now use google services to replicate most of the functionality for free.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 28, 10:34 AM
    You have to consider who's making that statement.

    Poor FullOfWin...he'll never know happiness:(

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  • greenstork
    Aug 2, 12:29 PM
    I presume the point was, the Intel update was just putting faster processes into existing boxes (except the MacBook which got a new design), as happens every year. And many of the apps which would take the greatest benefit from the Intel chips (pro applications and games) aren't yet universal, so we've not yet seen the best of them.

    I think now that Apple has a very fixed product matrix, there's less room for surprises. Apart from a brand new design, like an Apple branded PDA, an iPhone, or an inexpensive mini-tower with a fast processor and upgradable graphics card, everything else (to me, at least) is just an incremental upgrade.

    You're hard to please. The Core 2 Duo isn't just any old speed bumped processor, it's a huge leap forward in processor design, similar, at least speed wise, to the jump from G4 to G5:

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  • Bleubird2
    Apr 25, 09:21 AM
    Call me naive (or perhaps paranoid) but I've been assuming my location is being tracked since I bought my first smart phone years ago.

    Yeah, I just assume if you're using a device that is connected to the internet in some way, you're being tracked in one way or another. We are constantly faced with privacy and technology issues. As someone else has already said, if you don't want to worry about privacy issues disconnect from the internet entirely,14358/ (lol). If you want your location private, get away from smartphones entirely.

    Apr 7, 03:47 PM
    This gives RIM time to rethink their tablet.


    is it me, or does the RIM look pretty lame in comparison to other tablets

    Mar 26, 10:14 PM
    So if i'm getting this right then..

    iPhone 5 to be unveiled in WWDC '11, but with iOS 4 firmware.
    iPhone 5 to have Dual Core A5 processors and rumored bigger screen + other new tweaks
    They will do a preview of iOS 5 though.

    So WWDC '11 will focus a lot on Lion, which is amazing.
    And we'll be seeing iOS 5 which is going to be a complete revamp? This is almost too good to be true! So i guess iOS 5 probably be using the Dual Cores in the iPhone 5, which would mean that some features will be omitted from the iPhone 4.

    If Apple delivers then i won't mind waiting a few more months for iOS 5, so all in all WWDC '11 will be the deciding day.

    Very good news.

    But what's this about an iPad 3? I find that very hard to believe, since Apple clearly said that 2011 will be the Year of the iPad 2.

    May 2, 08:02 PM
    SI is superior in conversions only
    Imperial is superior as I actually have a feel for the numbers

    I also have a better feel for imperial units, but wouldn't someone who has grown up with SI have a great feel for those units?

    The conversion to SI would be confusing for those who haven't grown up with it, I know I would have a bit of trouble getting used to it, but after a generation or two everyone would be used to SI.

    Apr 21, 08:29 PM
    Reducing the Mac Pro's size is a huge step backwards! It will reduce space for storage, ram, heat fans, cpu, heat sinks, PCI-X/gpu slots, and optical drives!

    The only thing that will increase is HEAT! That will lead to reliability problems as more stress will be put on internal components with the increase in HEAT!

    Not to mention if you do plan on using a Mac Pro as a server, redundant power supplies are a must! That means more space is needed!

    What about raid cards and gpu's? Will they need to be redesigned to fit in the Mac Pro? Please don't tell me Apple will put in an integrated Intel GPU that would epitome of stupid! The Mac Pro is a workhorse! A beast! If anything go bigger!

    Apple should just apologize and release a new Xserve! :D

    That or make a deal with Oracle to get Lion Server on Sun Fire servers. Another option is to open source/port their server software to FreeBSD!

    Nov 26, 12:04 PM
    I think you hit it right on the head, you got the same idea that I was thinking.

    flash ram is cheaper now, but the hd size is not where it needs to be.

    the processor must be at least 1.2ghz to make it a winner.

    harddrive and ram would probably run off the same memory.

    got to remember both would be flash. :)

    I don't think it would appeal to that many people, to have an Apple MP3 player. I mean, the existing ones aren't great sellers.

    See the problem here? The reason the iPod took off was because it wasn't like the existing MP3 players.

    Take a look at a group of current products:

    1. The UMPC. Seems like a good idea, but not successful so far. Why not? Here's Gartner:

    An Apple tablet would beat content bundles problem, the shell/interface problem, and the synchronization problem. Inkwell and a bluetooth keyboard option would help; and built-in WiFi will certainly help. If Apple can do something about the battery problem . . . I also think the form factor needs work.

    2. The PDA. Right now the PDA market is growing, not shrinking - mostly thanks to the Blackberry and the PocketPC and at the expense of Palm. The magic combination seems to be email + cell wireless: if you can get your email anywhere you can use your cellphone, a PDA becomes a more compelling device. This ties in closely with

    3. The cell phone. Everyone is in agreement that the cell phone is a target area for Apple; the question is who Apple's carrier will be. A GSM-based device that does EDGE could be used with many different networks.

    4. The eBook reader, like the Sony Reader. The good side of the Sony Reader is low battery consumption and a very readable screen. The bad side is that it has to have a pretty low-consumption, low-use processor, no color, and the screen update speed is abysmal. The underlying tech of eInk isn't going to help with an Apple tablet, but the form factor might be a very good choice for a UMPC/Blackberry killer.

    5. The tablet computer. The reason the tablet computer has been a failure is because the writing interface isn't very good yet, and because the damned things are the same size and weight as a notebook, so there's little point in dumping the notebook for a tablet. A smaller form factor with the same power, but one that it a little more usable and compelling than the UMPC might be very successful.

    6. Video device, like the iPod with video or its competitors. A lot of folks complain that it's too small a screen, and the battery power isn't so hot. If you could have a larger screen that is not much heavier, and just a little more battery power . . .

    7. Web pad / web appliance (Nokia 770, Audrey, Pepper Pad, etc.) The problems with these so far have been form factor and OS quality. Most web appliances have run either PocketPC/Windows CE or customized Linux distributions. The Linux distributions that have been used haven't had a good enough UI for a general computing, general audience environment - the needs of a web appliance are too complex to be handled the same way embedded interfaces (like TiVo's) have been handled. Windows CE isn't designed for a general computing environment, either, and makes too many compromises. I also think the Nokia 770 is too small, the PepperPad is overwhelmed by its case, and the Audrey isn't flexible enough.

    A successor to the Newton that was a true OS X device, in a form factor similar to the Sony Reader, with .Mac synchronization, Airport Extreme and Bluetooth, a FireWire 400 and two USB 2 connectors, a mini-HMDI socket (with HDMI and DVI converters), a dock connector, an iSight, and an optical-capable audio plug, with some of the on-screen navigation tech we've seen in Apple patents, would be fantastic.

    But I'd be surprised if the tech is there yet: the processors aren't small enough and cool enough, the flash memory (you'd want flash and not a hard disk drive) doesn't have enough capacity yet, and the batteries don't have a long enough life. I'll bet there is a prototype device like this in the Apple labs, but it might have mediocre stats: say

    700 MHz processor equivalent
    16 GB storage
    256 MB ram
    3 hours of battery life (1.5 playing an iTunes movie)
    estimated cost to consumer $999.

    I think a successful device would need

    1.2 GHz processor equivalent
    80 GB storage
    1 GB RAM
    8 hours of battery life (5 playing an iTunes movie)
    estimated cost to consumer $699.

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