Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • Michael Scrip
    Apr 26, 04:01 PM
    I'll bet you money they include Android tablets in the same chart if an Android tablet ever actually sells significant numbers. And it IS deceptive because they did not point out that the chart is completely different if you included all Apple iOS devices, whereas if you included all other Android devices besides phones the chart wouldn't change.

    Yeah... who knows.

    But also... who cares? Is marketshare anything more than fanboy fodder?

    Apple is in the business of selling products and they are doing just that. Don't be so concerned with charts and graphs... just let Apple do what they do.

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  • bradc
    Jul 21, 05:35 PM
    Or for the mac zealots with absolutely no perspective and impossible expectations...both!

    Hahaha, you said it! Some people are never satisfied:(

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  • Raidersmojo
    Aug 4, 11:35 PM
    Originally Posted by digitalbiker
    After Paris. Nov. 23, 2006 to be exact. Too bad you Aussies don't celebrate Thanksgiving. It is all about eating, drinking and watching football.
    Speaking of Football, NBC Premieres Sunday Night Football this Sunday night at 8PM East - 5PM West live from Canton Ohio. John Madden is inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday and then shares the booth with Al Michaels in their new HD premiere broadcast pitting the Oakland Raiders against the Philadelphia Eagles. Let the games begin.

    We get 10 exhibition games this month from the three broadcast networks. Whoopie.

    Go raiders :cool: :D

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  • gatearray
    Apr 5, 02:34 PM
    I'm fine leaving my phone un-jal broken. But I think Toyota and other companies should cater to the jail broken community too. Its understandable that Apple would ask. But hopefully it doesn't go beyond asking.

    Hmmm, a car company catering to a group largely comprised of teenagers and young adults whom (presumably) have little disposable income? Doesn't sound like the best idea to me personally, but what do I know...

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  • mashinhead
    Aug 11, 10:20 AM
    They are already available, these are standard PC parts now remember.

    Well i know i can get the chip, but then don't i need a new motherboard too, and who/where would i get that put in?

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  • shartypants
    Mar 29, 03:17 PM
    I'm sure this will make Apple think about having multiple production locations for all components.

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  • Raineer
    Apr 18, 04:46 PM
    They have patents but they HAVE to pursue infringers or they can lose the rights to the patents. That's why you see so many patent lawsuits. Unfortunately, that's just how the system works (in very basic terms).

    8 pages and no quotes of this. That's all there is to this, folks...

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 10:44 AM
    I would welcome this. I enjoyed the features during the free trial period, but couldn't justify $99 per year for it. Since then they've added Back to My Mac, the Find my iPhone feature, and improved its reliability, so I would love to have access to it again, minus the cost. On top of what I pay for cellular service, another 9 bucks a month just seemed inconvenient.

    Uh $9 a month is $108 a year.

    People routinely get Mobileme for roughly $70 through Amazon or less through other places like eBay.

    Amazon Mobileme (

    Hell even Apple doesn't make people pay that much.

    $30 MiR or you get Mobileme for $69 with the purchase of a new Mac.

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  • kntgsp
    Apr 5, 11:58 PM
    I can understand Apple's concern here it could give the impression to an uneducated user that it is OK to jailbreak their phone

    It is ok to jailbreak your phone. There isn't the slightest thing wrong with doing so.

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  • treysmay
    Aug 7, 03:50 PM

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  • Beezoo
    May 7, 10:33 AM
    I guess I am the only one that remembers that it started out as a free service. Before it was .Mac it was called iTools and it was free. It was a benefit of being a part of the Mac community. It certainly was much more basic back then, but I have been using it since. The remote wipe for iPhone and other added features keep it worth the family pac price for this household even if it doesn't go back to being a free service.

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  • Pinery
    Mar 29, 10:20 PM
    Yeah. They can build planes in Nigeria too. :rolleyes:

    Sheesh the amount of nationalism is ridiculous when it comes to these matters. It's a wide world out there. You're telling me some other outfit had either the knowledge and capability to bring the required components to fruition and scale to meet apple's demands? Why the heck did they get the Japanese got the contract then? Because they're not American?

    Face it - America isn't the absolute best at absolutely everything.

    Totally agreed.

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  • err404
    Apr 5, 04:30 PM
    Android is still open... They are just going to be much more tighter on what Products qualify to get the google Logo and the android name.

    I mostly agree. The design philosophy will leave it more open then iOS, but the reality for most users is that their subsidized handsets are compromised in openness. Without rooting, functions like tethering or updated ROMs require carrier approval. At the same time rooting itself is discouraged or prevented by most manufactures (rather, they are trying to prevent). Even Google themselves require specific standards be met for access to critical closed apps like the Market Place. Android isn't very compelling w/o Google's closed source apps like Nav.
    It's more then the logo and name. The core Android experience all but requires manufactures sacrificing control to Google.

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 11, 06:32 AM
    That statement means that 2(12) should be done before the division.
    So then the answer is 2.

    That's not what his comment said.

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  • tblrsa
    Dec 15, 12:37 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; de-de) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I don't, either. That's why I'm polite enough to make sure my PC friends are running anti-virus software, to protect them from malware, no matter where it may come from.

    Eventually Macs will get viruses too.

    What's the big deal? It's free and it runs well on my Mac. It's just extra protection for my Mac and for my PC friends.

    The big deal is that i do not want buggy, resource stealing software on my mac. Simple as that.

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  • FreeState
    Sep 11, 03:40 PM
    What I expect is not much:

    Movie download service (with less than 100 movies, all current resolution of music video,s).
    Updated Nano and iPod (size of flash/hard drive on both updated).

    That is it. Thats all I believe we will see...

    What Id like to see but think it will come out later, before Christmas:

    A way to stream video to your TV
    A remote of some sort to control the stream.

    I believe that the movie service will not rely on new TVs or Macs. That would cut out way to many PC users and people that do not want to buy a new TV. If apple releases a Mac home center or TV I believe it will be after the movie service takes off - kind of like they did with the Apple branded iPod Hi-Fi, maybe January will see these.

    The multi-function device will be the phone, and I guess it will come out next year (January).

    But then again Im always wrong:) Here's to hoping Im wrong:)

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 7, 12:53 PM
    At this point I think a good question is what could RIM had done differently?

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  • Ryth
    Apr 22, 12:50 PM
    Not if you care about colo[u]r management. While Apple continues its love affair with shiny screens, creatives need an alternative.

    Considering the market is moving towards digital distribution on these shiny screens, color management is going by the wayside, especially with a lack of standards now in HD/cable TV.

    Also, it's called having a second calibrated monitor for TV like all good post houses should have.

    Been doing creative for 15+ years. Apple's shiny screens over the last years haven't caused us to miss a beat.

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  • TBR
    Jul 31, 04:30 AM
    I would go for an Apple phone if they are as easy to use and featurepacked as a sony erriccson, but with that special apple-y goodness like a wifi voip mode or ichat voice and video hook up or something.

    That really would be very very cool.

    Apr 30, 06:11 AM
    If not this year then soon I predict Apple will revamp the MP to be a module system tied together using TB. Of course, I hope they'll wait until the 100GB TB spec is ratified and in use, otherwise it will be a step backwards. But overall I think it could be a serious improvement for the MP. You buy the "brain" you want (mini ala i3/i5, a middle brain with Desktop i5/i7, and a "pro" brain with 1 or 2 Xeons. The brain would be CPU, RAM, USB, and TB (and perhaps wireless and ethernet). You can buy storage containers and video containers as you need.

    This system would be easily and quickly standardized (commoditized) giving continuing Apple's tight fist of control but letting them spin off the lowest margined, fasting changing areas of video processors and storage.

    I personally think it will work a bit like RED's cameras ushering a new era of embedded and server room technology. You could have a fanless I/O station and/or monitor sitting on your desk with all the fans and heavy lifting equipment isolated somewhere else.

    Genius. Combined with the cloud computing and virtualization technology, a glimpse of the future emerges.

    Nov 4, 12:35 AM
    It installs various components into your system, so no, not until Apple modifies their guidelines.

    Seeing how many things it does install and the size of the download, I wouldn't install this on any computer. Looks like FUDware to me.

    As soon as I saw your post I thought this file was like 1GB. If 60MB DMG is a lot, I'm guessing you don't have iWorks or Office installed.

    May 6, 12:16 AM
    Even if ARM DID get ahead, it wouldn't take Intel long to catch up... Then what?

    Aug 7, 02:58 PM
    Yea okay so I'm leaving for Chicago on the 22nd of this month for school and I really wanted to get a MBP with merom before then.

    boooo I'll have to settle for the current chips, which I'm sure are great anyway.

    Apr 23, 05:53 PM
    Does anyone know what mountain that is a picture of? I'm asking on behalf of a curious third party

    It's Mount Fuji

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