Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iphone 5g release date 2011

iphone 5g release date 2011. apple iphone 5g release date
  • apple iphone 5g release date

  • sth
    Apr 20, 01:09 PM
    Btw, why would Apple go back to messing up with their names?
    +1, the 3GS name was neccessary to get future naming straight. There's no reason why they'd mess it up again on purpose now.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. apple iphone 5g release date
  • apple iphone 5g release date

  • zephonic
    Apr 25, 10:09 AM
    Am I the only one who thinks it's not a big deal? Your carrier tracks your phone all the ff-ing time. Google has the SSL beta now, but until recently they tracked your every move.

    So the issue is that someone may possibly access this data? They'd have to get hold off your phone first. :rolleyes:

    This is something that needs to be addressed and I reckon Apple will do so in the next iOS update, but to me it just looks as if two guys really went all out for some publicity.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. apple iphone 5g release date
  • apple iphone 5g release date

  • Dr Kevorkian94
    May 4, 08:02 PM
    Doing it through the app store mares it more advertised and more users will be able to just upgrade. Whereas before u had to somehow hear about it and then take a drive to the store. Now it's easier and more advertised but you now have these "problems". So it will probably be available in the app store but u can burn it to a disc if u want, or purchase it from a apple store. But apple wants the primary distribution point to be the app store.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. iphone 5g release date 2011.
  • iphone 5g release date 2011.

  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 2, 11:16 AM
    Apple's been so boring this year, with a bluetooth might mouse just about the most exciting release thus far... I have expectations Apple, don't let me dont please

    Erm... did you miss the whole Intel thing? :rolleyes:

    iphone 5g release date 2011. New Iphone 5g Release Date.
  • New Iphone 5g Release Date.

  • BC2009
    Mar 28, 11:13 AM
    The iPhone 4 is already dated relative to other phones on the market. To have a phone on the market for 18 months without an update is insane.

    You're missing something here.... The iPhone actually gets updates over its lifespan rather than promises of updates followed up by the requirement to buy a new phone in order to install the latest version of an open Android operating system on a closed manufacturer's phone. All-to-frequent updates make buyers feel like they have been tricked, especially when they cannot upgrade their phone to do the same things the new phones are doing because the manufacturer prevents it.

    Not to mention that most folks have 2 year contracts and don't like to pay the penalty to upgrade early. The notion that 15 months between upgrades (not 18 months -- if you are counting June 2010 to September 2011) is not bad at all -- especially to the masses who are not early adopters. The iPhone 4 is still holding its own against the competition and its better than it was when it released because of software upgrades. It still does many things better than phones that have released since (like take better photos). Heck, I am still using my iPhone 3GS and I still love it because it gets new features every few months and has even improved on performance.

    Do I think a dual-core 1Gz iPhone with 1GB of RAM would stack up better statistically against the competition? Yes. Do I think that phone will do more things and be faster? Yes. Do I think 3 months will matter all that much in the long run? No. If it means some vast improvements are coming (including LTE) -- then I am willing to wait 3 months.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. iphone 5g release date 2011.
  • iphone 5g release date 2011.

  • kiljoy616
    Mar 26, 11:05 PM
    What crack-addled mind seriously thinks it'd be sensible or probable that Apple would come out with a new iPad 5 months after... coming out with a new iPad?

    I mean, I suppose, if they just wanted to take the biggest splashiest attention grabber product they have and not bother capitalizing on all the time & money they spent on iPad2, and just completely hamfist the frickin thing up it's own arse for the sheer bloody hell of it, then yea, sure it makes total sense.

    Or you could look at it this way, considering that the new ipad 2 is a capable graphic gpu its possible that the big difference to the ipad will be some retina like upgrade only. :)

    I was feeling( I know :p ) the ipad 2 and its so thin that it actually felt nice in my hand :) more so than the ipad 1 :o so making the ipad 3 even more thinner to me would not really be a sell considering how thing it is now and rather see an upgrade in resolution with maybe more memory. I can see apple making the ipad 3 more of a finishing touch to the ipad 2 than a whole new revamp. :D

    iphone 5g release date 2011. ipod touch 5g release date
  • ipod touch 5g release date

  • Vic320
    Apr 25, 09:18 AM
    This whole thing is stupid. Of course the iPhone will track what cell towers and wi-fi access points are around it. It needs this information to be able to make phone calls and access the internet. It makes sense that this info be stored so that it does not have to gather in info every time (basic cacheing). What Apple did not anticipate was that someone would find this database and would start screaming about an "invasion of privacy". It is probably something that Apple could have foreseen and they should have encrypted this info, but until someone proves that this info is actually being transmitted back to Apple, it's just a bunch of crap.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. Apple iPhone 5g Leaked Release
  • Apple iPhone 5g Leaked Release

  • Chundles
    Sep 10, 11:22 PM
    Mine connection would take around 14 hours, but we have adsl 2+ now which is up to 24mb/sec. Can't wait to upgrade :cool:

    This movie store is all exciting and all, but with out world stores, it will be the US who will be enjoying it :(

    Yep, downloadable TV shows, movies for purchase or rent, iPhoto photobooks/prints/calendars/cards etc.

    Who gives a rat's? Not me because we can't use any of them.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. IPHONE 5G RELEASE DATE 2011

  • marvel2
    Nov 29, 10:18 PM
    I can't find the TomTom kit on BLT's site anymore.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. New Apple iphone - 5g release
  • New Apple iphone - 5g release

  • bed
    Mar 30, 10:36 PM
    Auto Save/Restore like I said is just Time Machine in a different direction,

    Auto Save / Versions is nothing like Time Machine or the technology it uses behind the scenes. Sure versions uses a similar UI for restoring, so this makes it 'the same'? See

    iphone 5g release date 2011. iphone 5g release date.
  • iphone 5g release date.

  • macdoodled
    May 7, 12:49 PM
    now mac 10.4 512 we have to pay multitudes
    to have access to the mac mail we bought

    with cox cable slower than h3ll high speed internet

    - another help to slow me down or give up food income to fix isn't what i needed.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. IPHONE 5G RELEASE DATE 2011

  • gtgrad95
    Apr 25, 09:30 AM
    This issue is really starting to frustrate me. iPhone users that I know are starting to freak out because they're getting their information from sensationalized media and don't really understand what's really going on.

    That is one of the reasons Apple can't sit on their hands with this issue - there are too many people getting misinformation that are spreading it to others.

    You are exactly correct. It's the non-techies are are like 'Oh my God' that are freaking about about this, thinking that people now have access to everywhere they go. The techies know that this 'issue' is way blown out of proportion and the only person that would even have access to this information would be you and only you. Not only that, the file is just a bunch of coordinates. It would take a tech savvy person to be able to see it on a map anyway.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. iphone 5g release date uk.
  • iphone 5g release date uk.

  • kainjow
    Sep 10, 11:00 PM
    $3-4.99 rentals of brand new movies would be awesome. Otherwise, "meh"

    iphone 5g release date 2011. Iphone 5g Release Date Us
  • Iphone 5g Release Date Us

  • b166er
    Mar 27, 02:14 AM
    I'll gladly wait 3/4 months if we get all the much needed upgrades we've been waiting for. I doubt they will release the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 separately.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. apple iphone 5g release date
  • apple iphone 5g release date

  • HecubusPro
    Sep 15, 05:34 PM
    Agreed at the latest. Gotta have the easy access HD bay like the MacBook or I will not adopt. :D

    I've just been wanting one for so long, and all I've been waiting for is a processor trade-out, that I'll be happy with just that. Of course I'll be quite please if they implement the easy access HD bay. Better still, a better gfx card would make me pee my pants a little.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. iphone 5g release date uk.
  • iphone 5g release date uk.

  • Llewellyn
    Nov 28, 02:36 PM
    Out of interest - and since you already use a computer near your TV :). If a tablet can do everything you describe EXCEPT be a regular Mac too, would it still be of interest?

    ie: If it allows you (as you say) to show guests your iPhoto gallery directly on the pad or on the TV, Home movies or downloads at your fingertips (no need to cue them in the office)... and if it costs less than half what a MacBook costs... is it still appealing?

    What about if it can interface with MacMini to become a remote screen? (ie: do everything you say, but only when in the house)

    I would. I could move my iMac out of the living room and/or add a Mini. But that doesn't answer the question "Is Apple going to release a Tablet soon?"

    With a tablet mac Apple would only be a small player in a small market. This is why they have never released a tablet mac.

    What I'm speculating on is what might drive Apple to enter the market now. If it is a true Tablet Mac then there has to be something that sets it apart from what is being offered now. Since 2007 is going to be "the year of the movie downlod" (iTV and iTunes Movie Store playing very promeniently in Apples product lineup) I tried to come up with an explanation which fit into this focus. A living room orientated tablet seemed to fit.

    Of course this so called tablet could be several different things — a true video iPod, a supered up remote, a UMCP based micro mac. I just find it fun to speculate based on the info at hand:)

    iphone 5g release date 2011. iphone 5g release date 2011.
  • iphone 5g release date 2011.

  • Josias
    Sep 16, 08:56 AM
    Some people have requested more info on the res. independence thingy. I know Tiger has a manual way of Fonts settings and zooming, but with a DPI even a bit over 120, Tiger would really look bad.

    With resolution independence, you have the ability to scale anything up and down, thsu delivering evrything the size you want it, at a much higher resoultion, thus resulting in richer image and also the capability of showing 1080p on portables and viewing way larger pictures at full screen.;)

    That's pretty much all I know, but I'm sure there will be much more stuff awaiting us...:D

    iphone 5g release date 2011. iphone 5g release date
  • iphone 5g release date

  • trhall
    Nov 26, 05:00 PM

    That's a Fujitsu ST-5000 series device with a Mac OS X screenshot on top:

    I owned one, and they're great tablets. Would love to be off of Windows totally and have a Mac tablet, but there are two important things still holding me on a tablet: handwriting recognition (actually, storing my notes in Ink which is indexed in text) and speech recognition (iListen isn't as good as Dragon Naturally Speaking... even David Pogue who loves Macs has a PC specifically for speech recognition).

    Still, if Apple comes out with a tablet, I'd get one.

    iphone 5g release date 2011. new iphone 5g release date.
  • new iphone 5g release date.

  • lamina
    Nov 22, 11:04 AM
    If Apple came out with a PDA, I would buy it in a split second. I am in the market for a PDA, but I don't like the feel of the Windows OS or whatever is on them.

    I would want it to be slightly wider than the current 5th gen iPod, with the same height, and all virtual controls.

    Come to think of it, why not just make a full screen iPod with PDA capabilities, especially bluetooth. Bluetooth wouldn't be too useful for song transfers (isn't it limited to 1 megabit/s?) but for calendar files and contacts, even pictures, it would be perfect.

    Ohh Apple please come out with a PDA. I don't even want the cell phone feature.

    Mar 27, 04:03 PM
    Every time I hear about "mobile computing" and "cloud" in the same sentence, along with the security and privacy implications, I think more of the really immediate implications as soon as I put tunes or media out in the cloud...

    Bandwidth costs money. If everyone starts streaming everything they own, they'll be paying for it again and again and.... well, you get the picture.

    In an unlimited bandwidth plan, I can see the allure. When I pay for blocks of data splooged through the intertubes at a premium, the less "out in the cloud" I fetch from, the better...

    Sep 11, 04:55 AM
    Ooooh... how we used to dream of wheels made out of lead. Ours were made of depleted uranium. :eek:

    You 'ad wheelbarrows and paper! Y'soft southern nancies...We 'ad to remember the binary code in our 'eads and if we got one number wrong our dads would kill us and dance on our shallow graves...

    'onestly, kids today. :rolleyes:

    Apr 20, 10:05 AM
    So, how many more times are various sources gonna reiterate that iPhone 5 is to come out in Fall? :rolleyes:

    Summer lasts until September 22nd. Plenty of time to release it in the Summer.

    Mar 28, 11:07 AM
    Come on - there will be an iPhone 5 in July. That's the customer expectation and if they did NOT release it then, their stock price would suffer and they would certainly lose market share to the newer phones. They are already somewhat behind newer phones that have much larger screens, faster processors, better cameras, etc - no way they wait until next year or even winter 2011. They will find component supplies and keep on track.


    Apr 26, 02:14 PM
    Anyone know what the figures are for the UK?

    I get the feeling Apple products are a lot more common in the US and they have a more loyal following.

    I see more people with a larger variety of devices in the UK, which is nice. Good to see individuals selecting handsets that suit them, rather than just following the pack.

    I'd be interested to see UK market share, Nokia would have a higher share here to I guess. Albeit nothing like that it was a few years ago.

    Actually I'd expect there to be a lot of non smart phones still in the UK, on old 18 or 24 month contracts coming to an end, so smartphone share could well jump a lot in the next year of so in the UK. Be interesting to see which way it goes.

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