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new york mets jose reyes

new york mets jose reyes. New York Mets 7# Jose Reyes
  • New York Mets 7# Jose Reyes

  • cirus
    Apr 24, 01:54 PM
    You contradict yourself here. A 27" iMac is probably already retina, considering the viewing distance should be around 30" away.

    As the distance grows, the PPI treshold to achieve the "retina" effect of "Eye can't distinguish the individual pixels" becomes lower. Given enough distance, 48 PPI can be enough to be dubbed "retina display" (your standard 50" 1080p TV).

    No, you're not wrong. But I'm not either. I'll let you figure out why (think about the lower case b in Mbps vs MB of RAM ;) ). Unless I'm misinterpreting something, I doubt DP 1.2 can push out 21 gigaBYTES of data per second...

    As for the 6990 listing that as max resolution, I'm betting that has more to do with current LCD display limitation (that is the max resolutions you'll find on an LCD monitor) than with actual hardware limitation. The hardware is capable of more than that. Some of these cards with a single GPU have 2-4 DP outputs capable of driving 2-4 of these 2560x1600 monitors. The GPU itself doesn't a problem pushing out these pixels and DP 1.2 makes it so they can push it over a single connection.

    Sony was there first with the Vaio Z. 13.3", 1920x1080 baby. If it weren't so expensive it would be mine and I'd be back to running Linux.

    Thanks, a 'duh' moment for me.

    However, ati does list the 6990 as having a maximum display resolution of 2650 x 1600 per display though it can handle up to 6 displays. There will have to be a change somewhere. (Though you could probably write a program that would allow this resolution). That is still going to max out thunderbolt so you would not be able to drive one of those displays at native with a macbook pro.

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  • Pngwyn
    Apr 11, 12:22 AM
    The answer is most definitely 2.

    PEMDAS + left to right.. written the way it is.. the answer should be 2.

    The only way it would be 288 is if it was written:


    new york mets jose reyes. New York Mets 7 Jose Reyes
  • New York Mets 7 Jose Reyes

  • iPad 2
    Apr 18, 04:00 PM
    I guess we can kiss any hope of a 4" OLED screen showing up in the iPhone goodbye.

    I DO see their point.

    Then the iPhone 4 came out and a half year later, Samsung introducted the Galaxy S II...

    Followed up with the Galaxy S II Mini...

    But I don't think companies should be able to copyright overall aesthetic choices unless the two products are basically identical looking and intended to be sold as cheap knockoffs.

    And the Samsung phones are not cheap knock offs, they're actually probably the best andriod phones on the market.

    So I think this lawsuit is ******** and hope Apple gets laughed out of court.

    new york mets jose reyes. Jose Reyes #7 of the New York
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  • damarsh
    Mar 29, 02:24 PM
    I agree that we will "all be fine" if the world faces iPod touch shortages. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't be upset about it - can I not care about the people who lost their lives or had their lives turned upside down AND a company that will face problems? The two are not mutually exclusive.

    I wasnt getting at anyone considering the position apple was in I was just a bit miffed that people considered Japan to be somehow a hindrance overall to apples business model. After all we are in a global market place and may it continue, only through collaboration will we get better and better electronics and consumer goods. No offence intended. :)

    new york mets jose reyes. Jose Reyes #7 of the New York
  • Jose Reyes #7 of the New York

  • conradzoo
    Aug 3, 12:18 AM
    Leopard preview.

    Mac pro.
    Mac book pro update.
    .Mac (pro) update.
    iWeb pro.


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  • MythicFrost
    Apr 24, 08:07 AM
    This would be awesome. It'd drastically reduce the need for AA and allow for much more detailed textures :D

    Would need some horse power though... even a GTX 580 would struggle at that resolution on max with Metro 2033 :p

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  • 20.50. 2010 MLB All Star New

  • DJMastaWes
    Aug 2, 12:52 PM
    w00t! 4 days 23 hours 51 minuets! w00t! w00!
    *4 days, 23 hours, 07 minuets!!

    Someone should make a countdown thread.

    Anyway.. here are my predictions...

    10.5 Preview (duh)
    Mac Pro
    MacBook Pro (with new design)
    Some type of software update or new software.

    MacBook Pro
    New cool software
    iPod (Yea.. right)

    new york mets jose reyes. Jose Reyes 7 New York Mets
  • Jose Reyes 7 New York Mets

  • KnightWRX
    Mar 28, 12:05 PM
    I'm not missing anything. Developers care about three things:

    1. Good tools
    2. A device that can run their software well.
    3. A market that lets them get paid

    Devs do NOT care about specs unless it prevents them from writing good software. Apple will make sure specs keep up with developer needs. Beyond that, it simply does not matter except to geeks who obsess over specs. No one else cares.

    Yes, and 2. and 3. are more and more lagging behind Android in iOS. Keep ignoring the competition and keep believing "Apple will all make it work". Seems to me they are repeating their mistakes of the 80s.

    As an iOS device owner and as a developer that's now invested quite some time in an app for iOS (that has yet to ship mind you), I am watching the situation closely and hoping Apple does not let iOS fall behind the competition.

    new york mets jose reyes. Jose Reyes Baseball Card 2005
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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 7, 01:19 PM

    "Kill the Competition"



    Look Samsung shipped 2 million of their first tablets and they haven't all sold yet. If they had Sumsung would report that to you. The Xoom has only sold 100k in a period of time the ipad 2 has sold much more.

    Lets look to see how things shake up when the competition sells out of their current inventories before cries of unfair competition get hurled about.

    Motorola is not trying to buy the same quantities as Apple. That would be self destructive given the poor sales numbers. They buy what they hope they can sell.

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  • sonictonic
    Aug 11, 02:47 PM
    Everyone waiting on the Core 2 Duo MacBook needs to get a clue.

    It's the same folks who were falling over waiting to WWDC to come so they could order their Core 2 Duo MacBooks after the keynote!

    Apple IS NOT going to move the MacBook to a Core 2 Duo until they've updated:

    1) MacBook Pro

    2) iMac

    3) Maybe even Mac Mini, since it's been out forever!

    The MacBook is barely three months old. It may get a speed bump and/or price cut soon, but won't get a new chip.

    All of you saying Apple has to upgrade it to a Core 2 Duo to complete with Dell, HP, etc - why? Why do they HAVE to? Will they explode if they don't? Will the sun stop shining? Will all the world's puppies die?

    Of course they'll upgrade it eventually. That doesn't mean it needs to be upgraded as soon as the chips are available. If you look at other PC maker's sites, most of their machines don't even have the Core Duo chips yet; there's no rush.

    You can't claim Apple will inevitable act a certain way now that they're on Intel chips; you don't know that. They have no history of using Intel chips. Just because your bright minds think it would be a good idea to move the MB line to the latest and greatest chip whenever a new one is released by Intel because "that's what the other guys are doing," it doesn't mean Apple agrees with you.

    What we DO know for a fact is Apple like to differentiate between consumer and pro lines, and Apple has never been one to put the latest chips into the iMac or Mac Mini level machines - and I don't see either of that changing.

    Well said! :)

    new york mets jose reyes. New York Mets#39; Jose Reyes (7),
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  • shaolindave
    May 4, 05:51 PM
    Thank you for making my point for me. Last time I checked you were the one making predictions that Lion was going to be handled in the store exactly like every other app.

    All I am saying is that there is no proof to point either way at the moment. But coming to a conclusion that Lion is going to be handled like every other app is like concluding that the iPhone SDK, when released, was going to be exactly like "web apps" were previously.

    i "predict" the next car i buy will have four wheels.

    i don't "predict" that Lion will be handled the same as every other App Store product, but there's reason to believe it will be, and that's a cause for concern.

    please stop putting words in my mouth.

    new york mets jose reyes. New York Mets gt; Jose Reyes
  • New York Mets gt; Jose Reyes

  • SLCentral
    Aug 2, 06:20 PM
    I agree with you that the 30" display is big. I disagree with you about any larger display as being too big. It may be for you but not for others. When I first starting using my 30" display besides my 23" display I thought it was big. Using it with my 17" PowerBook even makes it seem bigger. But the only thing that could hold me back from purchasing a larger display would be the need of purchasing a new computer to be able to use 2 larger screens at the same time. My 17" PowerBook can only use one. My MDD PowerMac can only use one. But that is really a different question.

    Many people seem to have tunnel vision when they use their computers & are or at least think they are happy with one 15" display. Others can see the need & usefulness of a larger display. At least you use a 30". But if Apple would have come out with a 32", 35" or larger display instead would you have purchased it the same as you did your 30" model? Then it would take a 40" or 45" display to be too larger.

    With DualLink only able to support 3840 X 2400 & Single Link only able to support up to 1920 X 1200, there will be a natural size limitation until one of the new systems come around. The need probably isn't there yet, but a couple more size and/or reolution increases would change all of that.

    How long do you think it will be before someone else says that his 45" display is all the larger anyone would ever need, so why make one larger? Whan I sold computers many thought that the 17" CRT was too larger, why go larger than 15"?

    Bill the TaxMan

    I completely get what you're saying. After using my 30" for a little over a year on a daily basis, when using any other system, it's VERY tough. And even when I am using my 30", I often crave even more real estate, especially when working with digital photos, but even when I'm just surfing the web.

    But, at this point in time (2006), I think a 40"+ screen is just simply too large for the average deskspace. Perhaps there's a place for them in production studios, etc., but even with that market, which is already limited, cost is just too big of a factor. To make a panel @ 40" with a resolution of 3840x2400, or even smaller, would be ASTRONOMICAL. We're talking at least $6K for each display, and the power needed to run that doesn't yet exist. Even Quad-SLI on PC's are having trouble running games at native res. Imagine Motion (since we all know OS X isn't a gaming platform) at 3840x2400? The power just isn't there yet.

    Now, I agree, larger screens are the way of the future. But I just don't think that future is here yet.

    Then again, $20 says I'm wrong :).

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  • dukebound85
    May 6, 05:25 PM
    OK. So we all agree 100% that the USA should switch to the metric system.

    We do? Not the impression I get.

    new york mets jose reyes. New York Mets 7 Jose Reyes
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  • Reach
    Sep 16, 01:08 AM
    Sorry for being stupid here, but why do you guys want magnetic latches? It just doesn't seem superior to me, but then again I haven't tried the new macbooks, I just know that the solution on my old 17" powerbook was fine.
    The swappable HD is nice though, I'd like that.
    Anyway, fingers crossed, let it be true please! :)

    new york mets jose reyes. This Jose Reyes New York Mets
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  • Bonte
    Nov 22, 07:03 AM
    Video iChat on your phone? Internet services? Email? Address? Calendar? Have you used a Palm or Blackberry? They are OK for what they do, but they could be so much better...a lot better. What they are missing is exactly what Apple has to offer -- and it isn't music.

    iChat is definitely going to be hugely important for Apple but so is letting all these features work seamlessly together with Windows users. The few options Apple has in this regard is making the iPhone Mac only or with Windows compatible apps or just bring osX to PC and be done with it.

    If we look at all the devices we want from Apple, they all need tight integration with the OS. An Apple branded iPod, iPhone, iTV, iSmart, iCamera, etc.. will be on the market sooner or later, so Apple will make and support countless Windows Apps or be osX only. I strongly believe that opening up osX will be easier to do and has a higher long term potential.

    new york mets jose reyes. Jose Reyes. NEW YORK
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  • coder12
    Mar 29, 04:12 PM
    gynecologist?? :D

    Ummmmm... haha, possibly? :D

    new york mets jose reyes. New York Mets#39; Jose Reyes
  • New York Mets#39; Jose Reyes

  • iJohnHenry
    May 3, 06:35 AM
    Some things are more problematic, there are millions of pint glasses for beer


    Ah yes, the 20-oz English pint vs. the 16-oz American one. :D

    And near-beer at that!! :p


    new york mets jose reyes. Jose Reyes baseball card 2002
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  • toddybody
    Mar 31, 08:55 AM
    I'm so glad I hung onto my 2010 MBP.

    Hey Dude, how does your 2010 MBP benefit you over the 2011 refresh...its not like they axed important HW and made things more of an iOS experience. Just curious. :D

    new york mets jose reyes. No.7 Jose Reyes New york Mets
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  • Nuvi
    Nov 6, 02:23 PM
    Bought TomTom car kit and although I still think its too expensive its handy if you travel a lot by air, rent cars and try to keep everything compact. If you don't have a need to switch you GPS from car to car a stand alone unit would be better due to bigger screen and more features.

    Regarding the software Navigon works perfectly with the car kit. The features are close to those you could find in high end stand alone unit meaning its light years a ahead of TomTom's iPhone app, which is just as basic as you can get. In some way its funny how TomTom has a "high end" car dock but their iPhone app is more basic then in their entry level stand alone unit.

    Jul 21, 02:54 PM
    With the more frequent processor changes/speed upgrades that goes along with switching to Intel, what is Apple going to do with all the "left overs" of old versions of products?
    Hopefully they hired a skilled inventory manager who is adept at these kind of matters. Intels roadmap so far has been pretty solid so they can just reduce manufacturing upon the imminent release of a new product. Any leftovers can be sold as refurbs?

    In the most recent Financial call, Apple aid they didn't even have enough chips for MacBooks to keep up with demand. With marketshare seemingly on the rise , hopefully surplus won't be of overly concern

    May 4, 02:53 PM
    Wasn't there some talk about Lion having a recovery partition? I would wager, if it did, that is how you would reinstall it without burning a disc.

    Apr 5, 01:52 PM
    It's my device. I paid for it. I should be able to do what ever I want with it.

    I too agree, even though mine is just fine un-jail broken, I do like to know that I could if I wanted to.

    Heck I'd like to hack my PS3 for the lols, but then Sony might sue me, so before people start spouting about apple being all controlling (which they some times can be) I think they should look at some other closed systems just to see what other companies do, especially to one of the guys who helped you all Jailbreak your phones before moving onto the PS3.

    Even though hacking these systems may lead to some users pirating software, I don't think that they should stop allowing users to hack closed systems (iPhone, Brand X smartphone, Wii, PS3), as long as the user can accept that they shouldn't get any support if they do decide to hack/jailbreak.

    P.S. Give 'em hell Geohot.

    Apr 22, 12:18 PM
    You just overlooked an elephant. Why would you want to discourage consumer spending? In today's economy, the government and markets are working hard to get people interested in buying again. A VAT tax would only discourage that. A VAT and no income tax would only encourage people to save more than to spend. We need people to spend or no jobs will be created.

    Saving money does allow for investment - which also creates jobs ;).

    Mar 31, 09:34 AM
    What the heck is a "golden master candidate"? Google search only hits on this story and a story about iOS 4.0. As far as I know, Apple doesn't use the term. Someone made it up and ran with it.

    It makes no sense. There are Release Candidates, and there are Golden Masters.

    I was thinking the same thing; it doesn't make much sense to have a candidate for a supposedly Golden Master build. There shouldn't be more than one!

    On another note, I am really loving Lion because everything seems more intuitive to use. I love the small things, like moving forward and backward in Safari. I'm also loving the full screen feature.

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